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  • What is autotune?
  • how it is destroying good music?
  • Singers in comparison

Autotune is used by everyone these days for producing music and songs. You put in a key and then start singing. The auto-tune will automatically adjust to the core. You can add extra bass or other effects as well using auto-tune. The auto-tune will also give you options for different types of vocalizing and adding instruments to your piece. The retune speed can be adjusting accordingly as well. Autotune is a revolutionary application aimed at producing pitch-perfect music. It can give wings to the musical genius within you. But these days using an auto-tune is giving us some seriously bad music tastes. These might be up for the heat of the moment but can’t match the evergreen masterpieces of the golden days. 

India is a musical hub. Right from the songs dedicated to gods to scene music in different movie scenes and original albums, we have it all. Real musicians train hard for hours and days on end to achieve mastery over their prized vocal cords so that music can be perfect. And while auto-tune can make anyone a singer, it can’t make anyone a maestro. Many singers who can be termed as the Originals in the field of music have a strong opinion that auto-tune merely is disrespectful to the profession. Bad lyrics is just a cherry on the top if you focus on Bollywood music.

While choosing an artist, the industry looks for ‘looks’. Looks matter first and then your song will be auto-tuned, and you are good to go. The artist needs to have ‘sex appeal’ for a show. More and more singers are making their voice and tunes robot-like with so many effects. It becomes difficult to understand the originality use of their sound. Many such singers don’t have proper command over any musical instrument as well. Denying the use of auto-tune and grabbing awards only makes it more pathetic. Using the same tunes with a little alteration at the beginning or end may make up for another hit song but won’t be remembered for long. To hear over pitched corrected tunes becomes a headache after some point.

Singers like, Kishor Kumar, Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar etc., are some of the musical maestri from the old days. For contemporary singers, there is Amit Trivedi, Vishal Mishra, Mahadevan, Neeti Mohan etc. These singers have created such beautiful masterpieces that are soul-touching, and they make focus on the lyrics. On the other hand, songs produced by singers like Neha and Tony Kakkar, Shirley Setia, Badshah etc., can be called as one-time songs. You can’t listen to them all day or every day. These are mood specific.

So the next time, if someone who has real talent asks you to share or forward his creation, don’t hesitate to do so. The hours put into creating a song must have an applauding/appreciating audience as a reward. And yes, the auto-tune can be used to cut short the time spend to make a song or music, but the original voice shouldn’t be forgotten.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.

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