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  • This show is a mix of dark humor band sci fi
  • The characters are well portrayed
  • It shows a concept of alternative universe

Mad side scientist Rick moves in with his daughter's family after disappearing for 20 years and involves them in his wacky adventures in this animated comedy. He is the grandfather of the other protagonist Morty. He is the smartest man in the multi-universe he once turned himself into a pickle and he managed to destroy a criminal organization and defeat a Rambo clone. But Rick is a flawed person, he is not invincible he always alcoholic and his antics actually cause his family to grow apart.

Morty has the best character arc in the series, in the beginning, Morty is naive and not that bright who is positive, but he faces challenges and goes through character growth which makes a more mature and smart and dark individual.

This show is not for all audiences but still is very popular because of its dark and adult humor. They gave gamble on an alternative universe which is still a theory and so we know nothing about it so they can show whatever they want which is like a master plot the writers discovered.

Apart from it, the show has some really good deep meaning stuff which helps us to reflect on their own lives and depicts the perfect example of our society.

Dark comedy show combined with science fiction and drama also depicts a deeper message on social things while being animated. It sounds absurd when you read it like so many genres would make a mess but the writers have done an amazing job by combining all of this into a masterpiece.

It is dark but there are certain movements that approach the limits of any sort of television-style format.
The episodes always seem fresh and the writing is hilarious and creative this show is appealing and simple as it is animated.

It is very well written, the writing is smart, funny, deep, and has good character development and most importantly it is original. To understand the show all you need is average intelligence with a good vocabulary. the show is good enough to be interesting but not so good enough that it will actually turn away a large motion of the target audience but done in a way that very accessible to a broad audience.

It is a brilliant combination of high brow stuff and low brow humor from science, literature, and philosophy; to fart jokes and there are way too many sexual innuendos throughout.

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