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  • Itching to get out and travel?
  • Learn the culture of Cuba and Columbia
  • Immerse yourself in Czech Republic and Egypt's celebrations

With months into the lockdown and travel uncertainty courtesy of the pandemic, are you desperately waiting for when you can get a chance to immerse yourself into a new culture?
The reality is we need to accept is with the current situation around the entire world, our usual holidays aren’t exactly going to be happening any time soon but that doesn’t mean we need to stop diving into the culture. One common link amongst countries and cultures is the world of dance. So, for now, let’s take a look at how we jump through countries through dance. We have some time!
Of course, learning culture isn’t the only advantage, movement, and feeling the music are great comforts both emotionally and physically. 

Here are a few dances and the countries you immerse in

Origin: Cuba

Not too fast, not too slow right in the goldilocks spot Salsa is one of the most famous Latin dance styles across the globe. A common misconception that this is especially a partner dance but this can be danced solo too. Salsa found its growing fame in Cuba’s Old Casinos and the community halls. The rise of salsa was instrumental in music history giving Latin music a platform globally.

Origin: Colombia 

Champeta arose in the 1970s in Colombia’s coastal barrios and broke through into mainstream dance world all thanks to the addicting rhythms and beats and the pure joyous and celebratory nature of its moves. Shakira began a social media movement that created waves of popularity for this dance form!

3. Polka
Origin: The Czech Republic

Polka is a series of upbeat, fast-paced “half” jumped dance usually performed by couples or a series of couples to form a group. A popular dance you most definitely see performed at weddings. First danced by the lower classes of old Bohemia, polka ultimately made its way into the grand ballrooms of Prague, the arenas of the country’s high society. The popularity of polka in the United States is the result of two-way travel — European migration to the United States and American soldiers serving in Europe during World War II.

Origin: Egypt

When the women of Egypt would gather together to socialize in the 18th Century, they would belly dance. It was known to be a celebration of the feminine, a dance form that stood apart from other forms through sharp hip movements, belly rolls, and wavelike movements of the hands and arms. This dance form is synonymous with color, celebration, and intricate outfits. 

With the state of the world, to satisfy the traveler in you we need to get creative. Use our imagination to take a deep dive into the culture. 


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