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  • Walt Disney's early life
  • His life moving to Hollywood
  • His initial works as an animator

Being a remarkably successful entrepreneur, Walt Disney is known to be one of the most notable figures in the world. When Walt Disney first started as an entrepreneur, he had no money, he had to live in his office because he could not afford for an apartment and he survived on a diet of cold beans because he could not afford food. Walt dropped out of school when he was 16 years because he wanted to do his part for the war effort during World War 1. He joined the Red Cross Ambulance Corps which had an age requirement of 17, being the creative person that he was, Walt forged his paper works so that he would qualify. He was sent off to France in 1918 where he drove ambulances and performed different duties, but he did not see any combat. Walt was eventually discharged in 1919. During World War 2 Walt became the Government’s best friend as he was creating propaganda for the cause.

His life leading up moving to Hollywood was interesting. When he moved to Hollywood in 1923, Itching to set his own commercial art studio, Walt Disney along with his brother launched their own cartoon business, Laugh-O-Gram Studios which went bankrupt after a couple of years. Later his brother Roy worked as a door-to-door vacuum salesman as a way to pay the bills and he wanted his brother Walt to do the same, but Walt got a call from a company in New York and was hired to make animated shorts for them.

Walt has had a personal connection with many of his beloved characters especially mickey mouse. He did not like all the characters in the Disney universe. Even though Goofy was one of the most beloved characters in the world, he hated the Goofy cartoons because he thought it was stupid.

In 1927, Walt and his team were commissioned by Universal to create ‘Oswald the lucky rabbit’, the character turned out to be a huge success for Universal, however, the success did not last for long. In 1928, Disney went to New York to negotiate contracts and he was shocked to learn that Universal Studios had hired Walt’s animation team behind his back. The only animator that stayed with Walt was Ub Iwerks. He also lost the rights to Oswald which eventually ended up being a good thing for Disney because it inspired him and his partner, Iwerks, to create Mickey Mouse. In 1928, Mickey had his first debut in the short ‘Plane Crazy’ but it flopped then Walt tried to put Mickey in another short called ‘The Gallopin’ Gaucho’ but he couldn’t find distributors and so it was never released, finally on November 1928 ‘Steamboat Willie’ was released.

In the year 1955, Walt Disney opened Disneyland and wrote the beginning of a new chapter. Disneyland became a colossal success, and to this day, operates as an integral part of his business empire.


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