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  • Positivity and Solidarity of the challenge
  • The origin of the challenge
  • Reasons behind the challenge

With millions of people using Instagram, it can be one of the most popular platforms for spreading trends and messages all around the world. The women supporting women challenge is one of the most recent trends that you can see that’s going viral on Instagram. With the efforts to promote positivity, this viral campaign is a light-hearted way for women to show appreciation for other women. The movement that is all about positivity and solidarity involves posting a black and white picture of yourself and nominating other women to join the trend using the same hashtag.

This black and white photo trend originated from women in Turkey who were responding to the growing gender violence and femicide in their country. Turkish people wake up to see black and white pictures of women being murdered every day on their Instagram feed or the newspaper or their tv screens. The black and white photo challenge started as a way for women to raise their voice and show their support and to stand in solidarity with the women they have lost. To show that one day, it could be their picture that is plastered across the news outlets or Instagram feeds with a black and white filter on top. The trend has become so popular that many female celebrities have also joined the movement in posting and nominating each other.

Turkey is one of the top countries when it comes to femicides. Violence against women is a deeply rooted and widespread issue in Turkey. In 2019, almost 500 women were killed based on gender-based violence and the number for 2020 is expected to be higher. By not giving these murderers their deserved sentences after they claim to have acted on an impulse or claim to be religious, Turkey’s legal system normalizes and legitimizes the violence against women. Pinar Gultekin, a 27-year-old woman, was one of the most recent victims to be mercilessly murdered by her former partner, and when groups of women tried to protest her death, they had to face police brutality. The Turkish government and the justice system, instead of trying to stop these crimes, are trying to abolish the Istanbul Convention which is a European human rights treaty signed in Istanbul that protects women against domestic violence.

Women across the world are participating in this movement to show their appreciation to women who have inspired them in their goals and to celebrate their female friends and family who have stood by their side and given them support when they needed it the most.



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