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  • success story behind the great brand Amul
  • white revolution
  • farmers struggle before Amul came to their rescue

Do we not remember that meek little girl wearing Polka dotted dress with colored hair. Might have rung a bell in your head till now. Yes, we are talking about the brand that provides us with the utterly buttery delicious food Amul-the taste of India. We cannot even pronounce the name discordantly. Amul has been a golden feather in the cap which India holds. We know the taste of Amul, yet we do not know the story behind it. Name one dairy product, and you will recall Amul in your mind. Today, we know about the existence of 7 cheese pizza, but in the past, if one wished for having cheese, it was Amul for him. Those fancy cartoons and posters on Amul products never skipped gladdening our hearts. There comes happiness or sorrows or any issues prevailing in the nation, yet Amul was always ready with those catchy pictures to draw attention towards the same and strike directly to the heart. We know helplessness generates opportunities and, the same had happened with our favorite brand. It was back in 1950 or earlier, India had become free from British rule. The nation got its independence, but its people did not.

The same happened with milk producers in Anand, Gujarat, where they were displeased with the exploitation. The middleman purchased milk from the farmers at a low price and then sold it to the customers at a high price. Such molestation triggered all of the farmers.

Then came to their rescue Verghese Kurian, also known as the father of the white revolution. Verghese Kurian was friends with Tribhuvandas Patel. They both brought the change one cannot dare to forget. With those farmers, under the leadership of those two, they all approached Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Morarji Desai. The assistance they gained was the advice from them to be self- sustaining entrepreneurs. It was this advice that turned into an approach and then into an organization and now is a brand. Gujarat Cooperative milk marketing federation Limited managed Amul. Then it became an Organisation where several dairy cooperative societies. Farmers started pouring milk in tons in those societies, the middlemen were gone, and only the customers were present. This way, farmers got their share and also recognition and generated employment. Also, there was the birth of the white revolution of India. Amul did not stop there. It grew tremendously. If Amul were to start their Ted talks, one would listen to the same with all its heart. Amul has never been constant, be it in its product or even its campaigning approach. Amul comes up with all innovative ideas to lure us. Even it was awarded Guinness World Record for the longest-running advertisement campaign. As it was said by Verghese Kurian “I am supposed to exploit the consumer and I will (exploit them), but not in a way that will create resentment. I have to milk the consumer. And I will milk them gently".

This phrase was right in all sense. If one learns even one lesson from numerous that Amul has taught us, it would add up to its Glory or must say buttery Glory.


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