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  • Class 11 student died by hanging himself when his parents weren’t home
  • The student was facing numerous difficulties in understanding the online school lessons
  • The present suicide case isn’t the first one due to additional pressure on students caused by online classes

After failing to cope up with the pressure of online classes/lessons, a Class 11 student from Theni district in Tamil Nadu died by suicide. The deceased student, namely Vikrapandi was facing problems in taking online classes from home, and following that, took this drastic step.

Vikrapandi was studying in a school in Trichy, but owing to the lockdown, he had returned to his home. Ever since the beginning of online classes, the student had told his family that he was struggling with the online classes and that he was facing difficulties in online lessons.

The student was facing severe problems and issues with the classes being held in online mode and was also scared that his parents’ dream of educating him will go in vain.

Vikrapandi decided to kill himself by hanging when his parents weren’t at home and were out for work as he was unable to cope up with the stress. The relatives of the student immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital, but it was too late.

Vikrapandi’s death isn’t the first case wherein a student took his life due to excessive pressure posed by online classes.

A twelve-year-old student from Rajkot in Gujarat died by suicide in June 2020 after she was frustrated with the online classes/lessons and the subsequent homework. The girl’s father had reportedly bought a new smartphone for her on seeing her struggling with the online classes. But the girl could not bear the excessive pressure and decided to take her life by hanging herself.

In another incident, a class nine student from Kerala missed her online classes and set herself ablaze, and subsequently died. The girl reportedly did not have a smartphone at home and thereby couldn’t attend online classes. Her charred remains were found in front of an unoccupied house in her neighbourhood.

It is not just the online classes alone but the stress of entrances and examinations in the ongoing pandemic has also overwhelmed the students across the country.

Recently, a seventeen-year-old student in the Pudhukottai district of Tamil Nadu took her life by suicide as the hall ticket of her NEET entrance examination did not arrive.


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