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  • Amla as a traditional ayurvedic medicine.
  • Health benefits of amla.
  • Advantages of using amla for stronger hair.

Amla has been made into tonics, pastes, and oils for years, we may remember it as our grandmothers using these for their hair loss, as using these is a traditional way to reduce hair problems rather than modern methods. It improves growth and immunity and also improves hair growth and increases scalp health. It is also known as Indian gooseberry and contains lots of fatty acids that help for the strengthening of hair. It is an ayurvedic remedy thus used in many ayurvedic products and shampoos. Now let's look at the 5 advantages of amla.

1. Amla for boosting hair growth.

There are a lot of minerals, vitamins, nutrients present in amla which increases the blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating the hair growth. Applying a mix of amla powder with egg white to the roots of the hair gives us the best results.

2. For protecting the hair from external damage.

The tannin and calcium present in amla protect the hair from photo-damage and heat damage making the hair healthier. They are phenolic compounds that bind to keratin proteins of the hair and prevents the hair from breaking down.

3. Amla reduces hair loss.

According to various researchers, amla oil is a powerful inhibitor of 5- alpha-reductase. The medication can also be used to treat male and female baldness. This is so good for hormonal hair loss due to PCOS and thyroid imbalances.

4. Helps to balance a flaky scalp.

Vitamin C is the key ingredient that helps a building block for the hair. It helps to remove the layers of dirt and grime and act as a clarifying agent for the scalp. The scalp will be able to absorb nourishing hair products when it is clean. Amla hair packs also work as a scalp exfoliator. Apply amla powder mixed with curd on the scalp and rinse off after 20 minutes. To make it more effective use the amla hair pack after you oil the hair. Amla has cleansing properties when mixed with curd and it helps in conditioning the hair thus there is no need to use separate shampoo products. These hair packs are very effective for treating dandruff and other scalp related issues.

5. Amla oil acts as a conditioner.

The oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps for conditioning the hair. It makes the hair soft and shiny. It also helps to counter dryness. It reduces premature greying of the hair. According to researchers greying is due to excess pitta in the body and amla acts as a cooling agent and delays the process.

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