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  • Moderna and Pfizer on the verge of finding Covid 19 vaccine.
  • Politicized vaccin race in U.S.
  • Pressure On !!

We are all waiting for the day for the COVID vaccine to come out and save the world. In the meantime, the vaccine race has been politicized in the U.S because the presidential election is coming soon and Donald Trump touts a quick vaccine in response to all the criticisms and handling of the pandemic. Out of the nine companies in the late stages of clinical trials for a COVID -19 vaccine, the U.S biotech firm Moderna published the complete blueprints of its study. Pfizer is another American company that is carrying out phase 3 trials added that they would do the same. Phase 3 is the last stage of approval in which the vaccine is tested in thousands of people to verify that medicine is completely safe and effective.

Trump announced that the first vaccine will be approved by October and immense pressure will be put on the Food and Drug Administration by the White House as far as the increasing concern. Joe Biden from the rival Democratic party said that he doesn't trust Donald Trump because it is not possible to predict the results of the trial before the end of 2020. According to the health authorities, the vaccine will be very limited at the initial stage. The actual reality is that it is necessary to wait until the volunteers are naturally infected to compare the outcomes against the placebo group and the group given the vaccine. The rate of infection has quite declined in the U.S. which would delay the results possibly by December. The Moderna group had volunteered many people and 30,000 people are waiting to receive second doses. Covid-19 infections recorded for the past two weeks or more after the second dose are counted, giving the vaccine sufficient time to be effective. Independent experts also analyze the side -effects. The FDA has set a bar for approval of vaccines which should reduce the risk of falling sick by 50 percent.

Moderna said that 28 percent of volunteers are from racial minority groups. It is important to have black and Hispanic participants for obtaining representative results that have been hit by the pandemic. The Modernas decision left 2.5 billion in U.S government money and the CEO of Pfizer said that the company will have its results by the end of October. The trials of the medicine were suspended last week after a participant resulted in an unexplained illness but later restarted in UK, Brazil, and South Africa. The U.S remained an exception for unknown reasons.


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