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  • Devanshu is the writer and director of the film
  • He has won the National award for this movie.
  • His ultimate wish is to make audience laugh or cry than becoming famous.

The writer and director of Chintu Ka Birthday Kumar Devanshu share his experiences about the film. He is a fully committed writer and director who is behind the successful release of the film. He says that after the movie is released he felt like a proud parent who made choices about the film. He feels so grateful to all those people who supported to give him the best shot and those hundreds of people who watched the film. He realized that his cup of tea is directing when he was in 11th grade. He along with Satyanshu always wanted to do something in the entertainment industry.

He said he is a passionate filmmaker more than a writer. But Satyanshu is a writer. He writes everyday, unlike Devanshu. He says that one should not worry about the result but we should work hard and should put all efforts into our profession. We should never give up on anything. When asked about why he chose cinema over literature he said that cinema is a combination of art, literature, dance, and poetry. He believes that films have more impact on ordinary people than of literature, music, or anything. While talking about getting the attention or fame he said that he does not care about fame but it helps for one's growth for sure. After he received the National Award people in the film industry took him more seriously. Making the audience laugh and cry is more satisfactory than becoming famous. When asked about his brother Satyanshu, he told that he is a very hardworking writer and he is also well-read. He makes creative arguments and his sense of judgment is outstanding.

When asked about the casting he said that he conducted many auditions for actors especially child actors, spending many days with them before officially selecting them for the film. For him casting is sacred because he started his filmmaking career in the casting department. He also shared his tough journey. He made many sacrifices. He left his parents and his family and went for pursuing his dreams. But he was supported by his loved ones. Advertising and filmmaking are interlinked and he loved it so much. The timelines bring the best out of himself. He won't work until he gets the best script and he never writes on a schedule. Film writing is about rewriting and he said he is so lazy about that!! 

He said that he wanted to make his audience laugh and smile and wanted his work to live for many generations!!


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