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  • People are buying online rather than in stores.
  • Recent trend of rising online stock market.
  • Anticipating future outcomes by various investors.

COVID season made a huge impact on every aspect of our life and business. The major retailers reported that there are positive results and clear trends have emerged. The second-quarter earnings are showing a rise and positive impact making the investors invest more and make better decisions in the future. People cant come out of their homes due to health crises making a huge disruption in brick and mortar sales. There is also a sharp rise in unemployment. Most importantly there are major changes in the structure of the retail economy. The recent earnings reports have been released and this is very useful for investors for further information. This data also provides case studies of various industries going through a crisis as well as changing trends in consumer behavior. This also shows an idea about how the retail industry will look after several years.

People are buying items online rather than going to the stores. Online retail is a trend now and increased drastically especially due to the pandemic. The total retail sales are steadily growing according to the E-commerce statistics. Retail sales fell about 3.6 during the first quarter of 2020 while e-commerce rose by 44.5 according to the census -bureau. Reports show these trends and acceleration. Amazon's online sales increased as well as all the competitor platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and eBay has reported an enormous increase in sales. The reopening of stores in the coming months may damage the demand for online shopping. 

The retail landscape teaches investors to manage crises and helps in forecasting future changes in the economy. By analyzing the trends one can easily reap rewards. Economic crises are temporary diversions for both winners and losers. People are comfortable especially during these situations to operate from homes using technology which is seen across industries besides retail. Remote interaction has more place and the market recognizes this fact. When we analyze the data in depth there is a cloudier picture. There is a lack of earnings for top retailers which shows uncertainty and the consumer is temporarily buoyed due to falling interest rates. In-depth results have come at small brick and mortar businesses that are common in food and retail industries affecting the stability of business owners and their employers. This would bring major changes in the employment pattern, consumer behavior, and performance of numerous stocks. Investors who can anticipate these changes are in a position to expect huge outsized returns.

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