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  • The bold and beautiful
  • Pednekar experimenting her own beauty tricks.
  • Positive attitude is the best beauty trick.

Bhumi Padnekar coupled with her bold and beautiful looks and positive attitude is a great reason to scroll through her social media feed. There are various beauty and wellness tricks from her photos that we would love to know.

1 Wearing a mask doesn't mean you have to completely avoid makeup.

We wear a mask to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus doesn't mean that we have to leave our makeup to the wayside. Using or trying a graphic eyeliner would be better because lipsticks and creamy makeup products can get messy. This is a quick two-minute makeup trick on a busy morning.

2. Experimenting something out of the box shaded can be fun.

Pednekar likes to experiment in the beauty department. She uses shades like lavender or dark blue, when comes to her eye makeup. She says that makeup gives her a lot of power and she actually loves it !!

3. Bold brows and Contour

The actress fills her brows to frame her face and adds contour and highlighter on her face. Sometimes she goes out with full-blown brows and contours her nose and cheeks.

4.The best canvas is healthy skin.

She follows a skincare routine that works her perfectly especially after she struggled from acne. She tried everything from scrubbing, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and tried different kinds of masks until this routine worked. Her routine consists of mud masks, light moisturizer to balance skin, and a medicated sunscreen.

5.Post workout glow!!

Scrolling down Pednekar's workout selfies gives us inspiration. Exercising improves blood flow and oxygen to the skin making the skin look fresh and healthy. Her hair is usually a ponytail or braid showing her complete healthy skin.

6. A consistent fitness routine.

Doing workout every day boosts metabolism, improves muscles, bone health, and immunity. She lost weight not by starving but by working hard.

7.Smoothie as breakfast

Having smoothie as breakfast is a way to get fruits and greens into our body in the morning itself. She adds mangoes into her smoothie, especially in summer.

8.Sustainability as an addition to wellness and beauty routine.

Pednekar spread awareness about climate change and protection of the environment so being as sustainable and eco-friendly is very important to her.

9.Giving some for self-care.

She makes time for self-care especially when she is traveling. Hot stone massages are her favorite. She puts a lot of time, money, effort into her skin.

10. Being positive!!

She maintains a positive approach to her skin. According to her we should love ourselves and embrace our flaws.

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