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  • A book by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu.
  • The book is about the adventures of Alec and Magnus.
  • The story is not filled with surprises and heartbreak.

" The Lost Book of the White " is book two of " The Eldest Curses" trilogy. It is written by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu. This book is about the adventures of Alec and Magnus. Alec and Magnus have a good relationship along with the adopted toddler son Max Lightwood Bane realized in the previous book series " The Shadowhunter Chronicles". Alec and Magnus have become fully committed to their relationship, unlike the first series. But their lives are not free from danger. This book shows how much that is true.

This book also brings some familiar characters from Clare's past books. Characters like Jace, Clarey, Isabelle, and Simon was missing from the first book of the series. They don't overtake the other two important characters. The story switches from Alec and Magnus without confusion from a third-person perspective. This gives readers a chance to understand the characters in a better way. Other characters play an important role and add to the joy of the readers. The character from The Bane Chronicles amuses us. The Chinese heartthrob Jem Carstairs even though we knew about his background story and about what happened to him and how he ties with Magnus and Alec.

It is amazing to read the book and to know about the characters that we have known for years and it will be good to know more. The story is not filled with surprises and heartbreak. It is a shadowhunter book involving a certain toddler warlock and big scenes involving lots of ichor and demon slicing and all the fun in between. In book 2 we can see how much Cassandra Clare and Chu abled to work each other and Chu's involvement in bringing all the Asian influences into the story. The Red Scrolls Of Magic is an appetizer into the relationship between Magnus and Alec. This book gives us a feeling of nostalgia and increased admiration of duo that is Malec. Life is good for both Magnus and Alec with their warlock son Max as he has started walking. The streets of New York are peaceful. But the two acquaintances break into their house and steal the powerful book of White and a Magnus and Alec has to drop everything to get back. They need to follow them to Shanghai with some backup and also they need a babysitter. In the meantime someone stabs Magnus. Magnus magic is growing critically and if they can't stop the demons they all have to follow to the source-the realm of the dead.



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