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  • Valterri Bottas the winner of Russian Grand Prix title.
  • Lewis Hamilton was penalised for infringements even before the race had started.
  • Mercedes continued their record winning since 2014 Winter Olympics.

Formula one Championship Leader Lewis Hamilton was penalized for infringements at the race on Saturday even before the race had started, paving the way for Valterri Bottas winning the Russian Grand Prix title. Hamilton hoped for the 91st victory to equal Michael Schumacher's record, finished third behind Red Bull's Max Verstappen. He accused Stewards of trying to stop him and said that the "ridiculous" sanctions were excessive. Briton told the television reporters that they are trying to stop him. During the race, Britton's lead over Bottas was reduced to 44 points after 10 of 17 races leading to a bonus point for Finn for the fastest lap. Bottas was in a good mood he addressed his critics over the team radio in more basic terms like never to give up, its a good day. He also said that he needs to try and keep up the momentum because its good to win and is still there are few races to go. He also said that he won't give up and will see how it ends.
The lead by 7.729 seconds was Finn's second of the season and the first since the Austrian Opener in July. Bottas considered himself to be lucky and he was well placed to win anyway, with Hamilton starting on the higher -wearing softs on Saturday qualifying while Finn was on the mediums - the better long-term strategy. Hamilton's hopes were dashed when Steward's two-five second penalties for making practice starts outside the designated area. According to Britton, no one has ever got two five-second penalties for something so ridiculous before. He also said that he had done the same thing before and never been questioned. Hamilton was handed penalty joints for his license too which made him two away from a one-race ban, but later it was rescinded because Mercedes explained that the driver was following instructions.
In a race held in Italy Mercedes continued their record winning since the 2014 Winter Olympics. The first real crowd of the season was hit by Frenchman Esteban Ocon when he took seventh for Renault with Russian driver Danial Kvyat eighth. Mclaren's Sainz went off and misjudged about his return to the track after hitting the wall hard. Leclerc also tagged Lance Strolls Racing Point. Hamilton was in 11th place but he moved towards the third position after others pitted. He served his penalties in one pitstop. That was just ridiculous he said through the radio.
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