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  • Launch of
  • Author of these series is a former techno banker and senior IT proffessional named Vijay Kumar.
  • This series is divided into 5 different parts explaining about the Indian history.

Vijay Kumar a former Techno Banker and Senior IT Professional launched a novel series titled " The India Series". It is an attempt to inspire present and future generations to become global citizens. It is published by Blue House Publishers a leading publishing house in India. India has over 900 million Indians below the age of 35 and about 600 million below the age of 25 which are all considered as a youth and Vijay Kumar Dewan believes the future of the country lies in the hands of youth. He decided to share untold stories of our country. In the book series " India Series " he shared his experiences and learning about these vast topics.
Syed Asad Hassan, the Managing Director of Blue Rose Publishers said that it was a pleasure working with Dewan and this series will be a unique approach to many youths in our country to learn about our country's history and he is confident that it will leave a mark. The series includes five separate novels each divided into various parts of Indian history.
The first part is "who are we " this part of the novel includes an academic history of India from the creation till the present day " Kalyug". It describes how space, time, energy, matter were used to create the universe. This book also knows various ancient universities, the origin of our science, inventions, culture, etc. The second part is the " Legendary Indians" which dives into lesser-known gems of India. It speaks about the legends of India from medieval times till independence. These also give various details about warriors, social reformers, great scientists, and great poets of India. The third part is the "Hunt for Treasure" which includes various invasions in our country and hunting for the treasure of the "Golden Bird Of India". The ones who invaded India are Arabs, Turks, Mongolians, French, Dutch, Mughals, and British. The fourth part is the "Untold Stories" which tells about the lesser-known heroes of India. It tells about the unsung heroes, the Indian Independence Movement. It also gives details about the two undivided states of India that is original Punjab and original Bengal. The fifth part is the "Ten Commandments". It's about the author's crown jewel. This book is addressed directly to the Prime Minister of India. It includes suggestive ways in which India can become the number one nation. This part contains topics about Indian agriculture, Indian population, Indian infrastructure, Indian economy, Indian democracy, Indian politics, the Indian government, Indian challenges, Indian women, and Indian life and known as the Ten Commandments.
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