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  • Protesters carried yellow banners and umbrellas .
  • There was no violence reported.
  • Protestors claim that they did not want fake democracy.

Protesters covered the streets of Hong Kong carrying yellow banners and umbrellas on Sunday afternoon, making the city's first major pro-democracy rally. Civil Human rights Front the rally organizer, counted 13,000 marchers, counted 8,800 by the police but far enough to create momentum. The rally started at Victoria Park, a crowded shopping district in Causeway Bay, and slowly covered the glitzy central roads of Hong Kong with a long yellow ribbon. The place was covered by more than 2000 policemen and many guards. The protesters did not create any violence and they did not try to reoccupy roads. The League of Social Democrats marched and raised their demands as they said they did not want a fake democracy. Since 1997, Beijing had ruled Hong Kong under one country, two system arrangement. The city's 7 million residents are scared that Beijing has been tightening its control over City's independent media, schools, and courts.

Hong Kong is an important financial hub around the world and breaks into a protest. This is so-called by the name umbrella revolution. The famous business district is converted into a virtual conflict zone. The organizers say that the protest won't come to an end until Beijing changes its electoral guidelines and Leung Chun-Ying, Beijing chief Executive steps down or back off. Beijing controls the city's defense and foreign affairs and Hong Kong enjoys self-governance and an independent judiciary. In the 2017 election, Beijing guaranteed Hong Kong to grant universal suffrage. It has been made mandatory that all candidates should be screened by a majority pro-Beijing committee, in effect barring pro-democracy candidates from the ballot. It refused the core demands of the protesters. One of the medical students in the protest said that they had not lost sight of their goal and not been intimidated by the criminal charges and they will fight till the end. 

 Rico an architecture student also protested by holding a yellow umbrella and said that, they need to be here for the future of Hong Kong and they will keep demonstrating, but she had lost a little hope when the government ignored their demands. Some also waved yellow bananas. Some of them carried British and Hong Kong colonial flags, which is an emblem of opposition to Beijing's growing influence in the city. These flags say that Hong Kong was a British invention and the Hong Kong that we see today has nothing in common with the Communist Party of China. 


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Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 02 Oct 2020 10:53am IST

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