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  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram's direct messaging services will be integrated into one.
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  • 100 billion messages in a day !!

The direct messaging services of Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messaging will be integrated into one system, announced by Facebook. This merging allows shared messaging across both platforms, as well as video calls. This system is being rolled out in many countries on an opt-in basis but hasn't yet reached Australia. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced these plans last year to integrate Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Whatsapp into one system to have a unified messaging experience. The goal is to administer end - to - end encryption across the whole messaging ecosystem. Facebook renewed focus on privacy after the hit of published scandals. It has poor data protection allowing a political consulting firm to steal data from 87 million Facebook accounts. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and Messenger vice president, Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook is attempting to make its app inseparable. 

The Messenger / Instagram Direct merge will extend its features like the "Watch Together" tool for messenger, it lets users watch videos in real-time. This can be used by Messenger and Instagram users regardless of which app they are on. New privacy policies also emerged as a result of integration. In the new merged messaging ecosystem a user that you blocked on Messenger won't automatically be blocked on Instagram. It enables the blocked person to contact you once more. This can lead an unexpected online abuse. 

The integration of Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger has mainly three outcomes. Firstly, it ensures end-to-end encryption, thus Facebook will have complete deniability for anything that travels across its messaging tools. The messages won't be able to "see", this will be good from the perspective of the user, it means that bullying to scams, illegal drug sales cant be priced if these happens across these tools. Thus Facebook won't be made responsible for hurtful or illegal uses of its services. Facebook would become "invisible". Secondly, if the apps are merged they all function in a single platform, but they exist as separate apps with different features. Lastly, by integrating the apps Facebook could legitimately respond to ant-trust lawsuits by saying that WhatsApp and Instagram cant be separated from the Facebook platform because they are the same thing now. Facebook has 100 billion messages sent everyday especially during the pandemic situation. Researchers and employers want the company to split up and make Instagram and Whatsapp different platforms. If competition is important for innovation newest development discourages Facebook. It isn't far from monopolistic behavior.



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