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  • Nature photography and the mistakes that you wont notice.
  • Bad lighting is the most commonly seen mistake
  • Editing is the final touch!!

Many of us like nature photography. There are many mistakes that you can make but won't even know it. These are some of the most common mistakes.

  1. Shooting under bad lighting

This is one of the most critical and common mistakes one can make. Light is very essential to good nature photography. Taking photos under midday sun will more likely to ruin your shots. Shooting in low light can make your shots look grainy or blurry. Thus it is better to capture some good nature photos under cloudy skies. Clouds diffuse the light thus cloudy light is good for photography.

2. Shooting your subject from a standing height

This problem is usually seen in wildlife and macro photography. Try to get on a level with your subject rather than shooting downward. It is important to avoid shooting from a single angle.

3. Using a messy background

A good background is essential for nature photography. If you don't have a perfect background, pictures won't look good. To make your subject stand out, eliminate everything unnecessary. The background should be uniform in color, there should not be any additional subjects and there should not be any lines or shapes.

4. Photography low-quality subjects

Once you found a subject make sure that its not dirty or poor quality. It is easy to forget this step. If its flower checks whether the flowers have holes or blemishes, any spots of dirt, any insects in the center of the flower. You should be certain that the subject is in good shape.

5. Not including a point of focus in your compositions.

The composition must have a point of focus. Include a subject that viewers can latch into. If you are shooting a landscape, it is important to include a subject in both the foreground and background. If one is shooting macro-photos then the subject must be tack-sharp thus viewers can look into it. 

6. Shooting low-contrast scenes

This mistake is a little bit advanced, but it should be kept in mind and avoided. It is important to avoid ultra - low contrast scenes. It might be entirely white, entirely red or blue or black. The problem is a single element stands out and the photo becomes boring. The subject must pop off the background. 

7. Not post-processing your photos

There are three fundamental aspects of a good nature photo. Firstly, light, then composition, and finally post-processing. Without post-processing, photos won't stand out. Editing adds to the final touch.


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