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  • Importance of sex education
  • Why sex education should not be ignored
  • Problems that can be avoided if sex education is made compulsary

War is fought with weapons but don't we know that it could be won by brightly lit minds. Now with a factor other than wisdom or experience, what makes our mind brilliant is indeed education. Education helps us to be wise and to live an astounding life ahead. But do we need to categorize what sort of education we need or else we should be willing to opt for every sphere involved in it? Knowledge cannot be categorized. Every prudent man is expected to know the basics of all, be its science, literature, numbers, and logistics or be its sexual knowledge. Yes, sexual education though been realized lately, but is an important factor in shaping the personality of our youth.

Youth needs to be tutored in every domain of education, and sex education is one such area. Sex education helps to develop a sexual relationship and helps in knowing our sexuality in better ways.

 Developing sexual health is important in our youth. In a culture that prevails in India, everyone is reluctant to talk about sex and its related material. We are a country highly populated one, yet we consider it dishonorable to talk on such topics. If there had been given proper guidance on how to build a sexual relationship, or how to avoid unwanted pregnancies, or maybe to how to protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases then it would not have been the scenario which we have been facing now.

With a slight change in our generation, young adolescents are indulging in sexual intercourse at such a tender age. Indulging in such sexual activity without gaining proper knowledge on the subject is harmful to society as well as for the ones participating in it. Young and old need to understand the changing times and have to cope up with it, preparing our youth to take wise decisions for themselves. We all must have people around us who are unaware of what constitutes sex education and besides it, will resist knowing any of the stuff. We see how young girls slip into sexual intercourse without knowing their bodies and requirements. They are then unaware of the consequences of the same and later tend to regret it.

Sexual education not only involves building up a sexual relationship but also makes us aware of the risk involved in it and the ways to protect one another. Diseases like HIV are very much prevalent in India and there we see less percent of our population being aware of Aids and the contraceptive measures to avoid it. Let alone the process of sexual intercourse, the odds are, according to a study 8% of youth know not even a single method of contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

Sex education also covers menstrual hygiene. This is one another domain we are hesitant to talk about. Young girl marrying at such a low age, or girls stepping into sexual intercourse, or choosing the wrong method of contraceptives leads to poor menstrual hygiene as it tends to disturb their cycle. Not only the cycle but choosing underhand modes of abortion also adds up in deteriorating the health of females.

Another justifying reason to impart sex education is the rise in sexual abuse in our country. About 50% of our youth, be it girls or boys have been abused sexually at an early age and this has been done within their families or by their close ones. Now to avoid such grating events with the children we need to make them aware. Children hold no knowledge of the fact, of what is being done to them. There if parents are open-minded enough to teach their children what does a 'touch' means and when it's right and when it is wrong, then only can the child be protected from such cruelty.

But for this, we all need to stand up for the same. In 2018 there were released guidelines on sex education to be taught in schools from the government, but apparently, those guidelines were inimical to the interest of some people. An RSS affiliated organization were in Clash of such thoughts and said that such things shouldn't be taught in school as they will be in contradiction to our culture. But here is to say that sex is not related to religion.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.


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