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Remember when in Hera Pheri sequel Babu bhaiya played Hu tutu with Bipasha Basu while chasing her. We are pretty sure the count of people who knew what Hu To Tu meant was limited.

Hu Tu Tu is another name, give to this legendary game Kabaddi. It has not been too long since we saw such enthusiasm in people for Kabaddi. Earlier Kabaddi used to be considered as an indigenous sport. It was the state teams that held a craze of such sport. But in recent years, Kabaddi has picked up the steam in our country. It was in 2014 when the Pro Kabaddi League was introduced in our country. It has a similar approach to that of the Indian Premier League.

The sport of Kabaddi gained popularity from Asian games which was followed up, in organizing a national level tournament for the same. Kabaddi being not so admired sport back then, organizing such a massive event for it was dreaded, but the upshot was worth it. According to the data, about 35 million people saw the first season of the Pro Kabaddi League. Different state teams were added in the tournament and everyone took part in it with immense sport spirit. We saw many young talents emerging out of the same.

As the marketability of the game increased we saw many influential people be it Bollywood stars, or cricketers campaigning for the same. All in all this event has been a great success, as it drew great attention from the viewers from all over the country.


We all are passionate lovers of the sport of cricket. The cricket World Cup takes place and there are days of us being hitched to our screens praying for our nation. Cricket resides in our hearts but how many are aware of the origin of the game of Kabaddi?  Fewer to count. If it is to be believed, Kabaddi was originated in India, back around 4000 years ago. There can be many speculations for the same, but one has to be true.

We know the incident in Mahabharata when Arjuna was telling Subhadra Devi the technique of attacking and escaping Army formations, and she was pregnant then with Abhimanyu. Later when the Kurukshetra war began it was an Abhimanyu, who went on to break the Chakravyuh formed by 'Kauravas' as per the technique told by his father. But eventually couldn't escape from the same because his mother had slept by the time when Arjun was telling how to come out of the Chakra vyuh. It is said Kabaddi has its origin from then.


Kabaddi has also been associated with Gautam Buddha. They say that Gautam Buddha used to play this game with his friends. Kabaddi is popular in many states and every region of our nation has a different name for this sport. Kabaddi is a team sport and we see great companionship while playing. Not many people know, but the term 'Kabaddi' has been taken out from the words 'Kai Pidi' which means 'holding hands'. Kabaddi is a game that teaches us cooperation, standing out for your teammates, also which helps us to strengthen our endurance and stamina.

Despite originating here and holding so much fondness, Kabaddi has not gained that much value that cricket holds. The media coverage given to Kabaddi Players is comparatively lower than the cricketers. Cricket players are stars but Kabaddi Players are yet to become one. we all pin our hopes on the people of this Nation to give equal credit to each sportsperson.



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