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  • Categories of people in veganism
  • Concept of veganism
  • Will turning to veganism end the sufferings of animals

It is said that it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to animals and plants. And people have discovered a way out to do the same with is to turn into a vegan. 

Veganism means abstaining oneself from using any dairy product or animal product be it in your diet or in any sphere of life. There are categories of people in veganism. There are people who just turn into vegan avoiding any animal or dairy product in the diet, others tend to stop the exploitation of plants and animals in any possible way out.

The concept of Veganism was coined by Donald Watson in London. Watson saw a pig being slaughtered on his uncle's farm and thus, it hit him hard, due to which he decided to turn to vegan. Earlier there were only two categories of people either being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It was Watson who propagandists the concept of being totally vegan. He said that a cow's meat is used only once but a cow's milk is used multiple times exploiting the poor animal.

But will turning into a vegan put an end to the suffering of the animals. We highly doubt that. We have seen people who turn to be vegan yet put innocent animals to cruelty. They harm animals for commercial purposes. So in our opinion being a vegan might not really help with animal suffering. 


Non-vegetarian people are always condemned considerably, as they tend to cause distress to animals and plants. But we need to understand that humans were listed as omnivorous species. They were not carnivorous or herbivorous but omnivorous who could eat plants and animals l both. And it was God's way of putting us this way.

So how could this eating of an animal be wrong? Being a non-vegetarian and eating animal is one thing and subjecting an animal to harsh suffering is another. And both these are thoroughly different. Humans are a part of the food chain and the food chain works in their prescribed way. Cattle and farm animals eat plants, we eat those animals, and we might be eaten by carnivorous animals or when dead then by a small microorganism, and those further rounding up are eaten by farm animals. This chain goes on. 

Animal and plant are considered to be nature's guard. It is said that eat the plant where the bug was sitting on. The animal knows the nature best, and if they are not willing to break the food chain, how is human continuing with it will bring long-suffering. 

Adding up we get most of our protein, calcium, iron, and Minerals from an animal-based diet and animal-based diet is rich in all of these. It contains all the amino acids which ensure complete nourishment for our body and aids in the working of our brain properly. Lack of protein, iron, and Minerals causes health complications in our body creating deficiencies, weakness, muscle loss, and many more. The argument given in contradiction to the above fact is that the same can be covered up by using pulses and Beans and such alternatives but if not sufficient, then additional supplements can be taken. But here it is to prove that the protein and mineral level provided in pulses and being is such that it is barely enough to meet the requirements of our body, especially with this generation which starves for junk food daily.

And also not everyone is competent enough to afford supplements for their body. In countries like Africa where people are undernourished themselves, and starving for food, one cannot expect their people to turn to veganism and look for animals suffering as they are the ones who are already in a miserable condition.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.


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