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Everyone dreams but not all are ready to achieve them. And if you dream it might be for your own good only. But there are people who do not dream for themselves but for the betterment of our society too. We might have lost our Iron man but we can pin our hopes, as by all trying to be one.


Elon Musk is not an ordinary name, rather it is a fancy one, of a fancy individual and this individual never stops by surprising us on various deals he cracks. He has stood up for society in building a technologically advanced state for everyone. And one such step in fulfilling such a dream is the project of Hyperloop.


Hyperloop is a dream project for Elon musk and partner company vision Hyperloop one and both have been plugged along in making this project come true.


What really Hyperloop is?

Hyperloop is a transportation model that has been proposed in which there will be levitated pods magnetically attached, which will travel at the proposed speed of 760 mph through extremely low pressure, low friction environment, contained within a tube system. In a layman language, just as bullet train or a high-speed rail work this is a similar concept but only with higher and faster speed than any of those and will be able to carry 28 to 30 passengers at a time and transport goods from station to station. As these pods require less energy this will be a cost-effective project.


There was a Tesla conference i.e 'conference on neural information processing system' in 2017 where Elon musk stated that public transport is harmful and painful as there are so many people traveling at the same time, causing congestion, and also public transport doesn't fulfill all the needs which people hold. This remark stated was condemned by various experts but what have those done to rectify the same.


Elon Musk is working on such a project which will reduce the congestion, which will be cost-effective for everyone, and also which will in various ways lower down the burden on flights and Railways. Short distance flights and Railways cause a heavy burden on your pocket and not everyone can afford the flight for a short distance.


 The hyperloop capacity of carrying passengers is supposed to be 840 passengers per hour where 28 passengers will be seated in each pod and each pord will depart in every 2 minutes. Rush Hour definitely becomes unruly and uncontrollable to which both the companies have proposed departing of every pod at 30 seconds.


The company indicated that the round trip ticket of Hyperloop will be cheaper than High-Speed Rail in any way. The cost of developing and implementing of railway network present was way too expensive to have a cheaper rate for the ticket. But as the cost of the Hyperloop project is lesser than any of them it would cost the ticket at a lower rate.


Safety concerns are also being indicated in the project. Accordingly, Hyperloop will be a mode of transportation with the utmost safety. But Every such project comes with challenges along. It was stated that as Hyperloop is an autonomous project, which requires no human relation or interaction there will be no chance of human error as in the case of any such other project and also as no pod will be interacting with each other or any wildlife there will be no harm to the passengers. But with everything being automatic the challenge it is facing is, if even a single pod will be damaged or is harmed due to an error, the whole system will come to shut down and creating a hassle for everyone.


In Hyperloop the pods are covered under tubes which makes them immune to all sorts of weather conditions. Such technology is something which even India has a longing for and surprisingly Richard Branson, founder of vision Hyperloop one while attending the 'magnetic Maharashtra convergence' suggested creating a Hyperloop between Pune and Mumbai. If it happens then it would be a great success for our country as our nation will become one among all, having a Hyperloop system. There will be a test track which will be built on and if found successful then the suggested model would take place.


But with the present situation and on seeing non-implementation of the project anywhere else, India is waiting for its turn to see the implementation of the Hyperloop at some other place then only our nation will proceed further towards it.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.


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