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War is not fought or won only when one single person has done its bit or when one single individual has defeated the respective enemy. Beating down alone your enemy isn't enough but the real win is when the victory is achieved with everyone along.

With the present situation going on our war is with no physical enemy but with this deadly virus that we need to defeat.


It has been almost a year that this world has been in the grip of this deadly virus. Doctors and Scientist have been working day and night to create a vaccine which is able to cure the disease but apparently, the process is inefficacious. But that doesn't mean that we need to shut down all our hopes and sit down doing nothing.  There is always a way out and if not then the least we have is alternatives. Recently just a mere alternative, plasma therapy gained a lot of a recognition when it was seen that it could help us to treat Corona patients who were severely ill


It might have been long when we studied human Biology where we got to know what plasma RBC's WBC's were. Plasma in the regular term is the water present in our blood which holds RBC WBC and platelets together. 55% of our blood is Plasma which carries protein and other nutrients to our body and this protein further aids us to create antibodies that help us to fight any foreign pathogens, entered into our body to damage it.


Further explaining the term convalescent plasma means the plasma of an individual who has recovered from any virus. Our plasma contains antibodies that fight the virus and defeat it. But sometimes these antibodies not only struggle for us but can also be used to lock horns for someone else's body and this simple yet complicated procedure is called plasma therapy.

In convalescent plasma therapy plasma of a recovered patient is drawn out and is injected inside the body of a patient who is critically ill and is unable to create antibodies to fight the virus thus helping him combat the virus.


Sometimes our body doesn't hold enough nutrients which are sufficient to create antibodies, thus rarely we require foreign aids. And this therapy has attracted attention from the past few weeks when some Corona patients were cured using the same. In this crucial period, we are eager to use any means to treat people around us and plasma therapy is one way out. It was not long that we saw advocate Prashant Bhushan tweet where he tweeted that his brother was himself a doctor in Ohio US, and had fallen ill due to coronavirus and was in a critical state. Thus he urged for Plasma therapy and had several donors ready to donate their plasma for him. Not only him even high-profile ministers are disposed to help out people. It was a few days back that we saw the mayor of Miami got infected with coronavirus but then had recovered completely. On the covering, the mayor decided to donate his plasma to cure Corona patients who were severely ill.


Now a campaign has been started to urge people recovering thoroughly from the virus to be plasma donors. If a single person donates 1 unit of his plasma the same can be used to heal at the least of three to four patients. In the USA there is also been made a Facebook page called 'SURVIVOR CORPS' where they are listing potential plasma donors.


Plasma therapy is not a virgin concept. Yet hold its origin from back in 1890 where people were being infected with diphtheria virus. In diphtheria, there was a mucus membrane formed in the nose and throat which if not treated could lead to choking and in mortality. It was then that the plasma therapy took birth. Initially, blood serum from immunized animals was used but later potential donors were contacted who had recovered entirely from the virus and whose plasma could be used to treat people.


New or old, plasma therapy is a complicated procedure which is universally used at a lower rate, and only on critically ill patients. Doctors have not yet mastered this therapy, thus it attaches various complications along. But till then we hold faith in time that everything will get better.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.


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