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  • The world is knocking down
  • Biggest non- nuclear disaster
  • Careless Lebanon Government

The world is knocking down and yet we see heedlessness of people all around the globe. Only last month we saw the biggest non-nuclear disaster taking place. Till now we know what we are talking about, the BEIRUT EXPLOSION.

Correct us if we say it wasn't an imprudent act on the behalf of the Lebanon government. Exploring little history we know, how much hazardous chemicals as Ammonium Nitrate was introduced in the warehouse near the port of Beirut. It was in 2014 that a ship named rhesus was sailing to Beira containing tons of Ammonium Nitrate. The ship was stopped forcefully at Beirut port and captured because the same was unable to pay the fine levied.

The charge was filed and the case went into court While on going with the case, the Ammonium Nitrate was confiscated and stored in the warehouse. This harmful substance was there for 6 years, till there was a fire ignited in the warehouse creating a massive explosion, forming red and orange smoke all over the sky. The explosion was said to be felt around 250 kilometers away from the epicenter. The Ammonium Nitrate was being sent for the use of mining, so if it all had not happened and if the substance would have been used for its original purpose, the same calamity could have been avoided. But man has been longing for wealth and not the health.

Many will argue that this was an unforeseen mishap but the truth is 'tragedies happen because of recklessness'. The tragedy was unforeseen but the risk was not. And risk comes in handy along with such hazardous Chemicals. Storing the same for such a long period with all caution is not some Rocket Science that we all need to learn.
We lost several lives and made numerous people homeless and mankind is pursuing to do the same.

One could be amazed after reading, that this year in total we have faced a total of 207 natural disasters so far this total is exclusive of California fires and many small events. The number alone is more than the total number of disasters of the past 15 years.

According to some studies, there is a 27% hike in occurrences of such tragedies. Not only it causes massive calamities but also wound up our economy. If this doesn't break your heart, don't know what else will.


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