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  • AR. Rahman was born into a musically rich family.
  • He the winner of twin oscars.
  • He introduced 7.1 technology or Dolby Surround System in South Indian movies.

Rahman was born into a musically rich family on 6th January 1967. His father RK Shekhar was a composer and conductor for Malayalam and Tamil songs. He had a rough start, he lost his father when he was only 9 years old. There was no source of income and the family rented the musical instruments of his father to earn money. After some time he converted his religion to Islam. His career started with the composition of jingles, advertisements, documentaries. After two years, he started a small studio in his house backyard naming Panchathan Record Inn. Later on, that became India's most well-equipped and advanced sound recording studios. 

He met one of the finest directors Mani Ratnam and he was impressed by few samples of Rahman's music and he immediately signed Rahman for the music composition of his new film Roja. This bought him success, recognition, and fame. Many offers came to him. He composed various Tamil songs before entering into Hindi. He had highly successful world tours from the year 2004. He has performed in various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, etc for audiences. He launched his music label, KM Music in 2006. He has been nominated for oscar five times and has been a winner for two times. For the Hollywood movie "Couples Retreat", he won the BMI London Award for the best score. In 2008 he composed for the film Slum Dog Millionaire for which he won Golden Globe Award and two other Academy Awards. All the music producers around the world praise and respect him. Ron Fair, a music producer, and songwriter from Los Angeles consider Rahman to be one of the world's greatest living composers in any medium. He had also won Padma Sree in 2000, National Film award in 1997, Padma Bhushan in 2010, Filmfare Award in2005, Zee Cine award in 2003 and 2007, IIFA in 2008, and many more.

He also introduced the 7.1 technology or the Dolby surround system in South Indian movies. He is known as the epitome of music and has captivated audiences from all generations. He has a big fan base. He achieved success because of his talent, hard work, grit, and determination. He also inspires a lot of young talents. He has a fan base across all borders and continents. He is happily married to Saira Banu and they have three children Rahima, Ameena, and Khatija. He was more or less an atheist and he found a path in Sufi Islam and converted to his mother's religion.



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