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  • Forwarding limit by Facebook Messenger on messages to only five people or groups at a time
  • With a limit on forwarding, the spread of misinformation and harmful content would slow down
  • The new feature could be offered to users anytime soon

A forwarding limit has been added by the Facebook Messenger that allows users to forward messages to only five groups of people at a time. The limit in the form of a new development is aimed at curbing the circulation of fake news and at reducing the spread of viral misinformation through the messaging platform. A similar forwarding limit was brought by Facebook in 2018 to the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp has, however, narrowed down the limit of frequently forwarded messages to a single chat at a time.  The Facebook Messenger application recently introduced new privacy features such as the ability to lock the application on iOS devices.

With the introduction of the forwarding limit feature on Facebook Messenger, if a person tries to add a new user to the forwarding list beyond the total of five groups of users, the application will show a notification saying that the forwarding limit has been reached.

On 3 September 2020, Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety mentioned on a blog post that with the forwarding limit, the spread of harmful content and misinformation that could cause harm to the real world would slow down.

In March 2020, the forwarding limit feature was first hinted to when it was undergoing testing internally. The feature is being processed in a phased manner at present and could be offered to all the users in the coming times.

The introduction of the forwarding limit feature comes ahead of major elections in the U.S. and New Zealand. Also, the new feature works on similar lines of limit to forwarding messages on WhatsApp.

In July 2020, Facebook Messenger introduced an update regarding the App Lock that enabled users to use biometrics fingerprint or facial features to unlock their Facebook App. Facebook also announced that it would begin blurring of photos that are received from unknown users to enable viewing the content before replying to a message or reporting or blocking the account of someone that a person may not know.


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Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 06 Sep 2020 13:07pm IST

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