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  • What are some of the tips for success at different interviews?
  • What should a candidate focus on?
  • Key to ultimate success – hard work and confidence

An interview is nothing short of a grilling session that can change an aspirant’s life. Interviews are usually the last round in an application process and are meant to give the interviewer a chance to access the ability of the interviewee on a one-on-one basis. Interviews also provide a suitable opportunity for the interviewee to interact with the interviewer and ask his doubts about the job position or the working conditions or anything else related to the job.

Following are some of the golden tips for clearing an interview:

Start early

Not waiting for the results of the written exam or the group discussion round (if any) and starting as early as possible on polishing oneself is the key.

Reading the Curriculum Vitae thoroughly

Most of the questions in the interview are asked from the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae itself. Revising the Curriculum Vitae multiple times so as to not fumble on any question asked from it, leaves a good impression on the interviewer.

Positive Attitude

Negative thoughts ruin one’s chances of answering questions confidently. A positive approach towards the questions to be answered as well as about the interview, in general, must be maintained throughout by the interviewee.

Do not lie

Creating fake facts in the Curriculum Vitae, lying to the interviewer with the intention to impress him doesn’t go a long way. The interviewer is usually a highly skilled person who can catch all such lies and it leaves a bad impression on his mind about the interviewee.

Improving communication skills

The candidate must improve their command on the language. One practical way to do that would be to listen to debates and news on television channels.

Reading newspapers

Reading newspapers increases one’s knowledge about current affairs. On numerous occasions, the interviewer asks the interviewee about the events going on at that time and asks the interviewee to speak for a while on a current topic.

Keeping calm

The questions asked in an interview may be from any topic/subject. If you do not know the answer to the question asked, admitting that you do not have an idea about the answer is better than panicking and giving a wrong answer or making a guess. 

Use of common sense

In the interview, a question may be asked that might appear to be tough, but its answer may be based simply on applying some common sense. So the key is not to consider that every question that will be asked would be indirect. In fact, understanding the question considering that the question asked is easy, often helps in reaching a correct answer.

Some tips other than those listed above are:

  • Dressing neatly

  • Being yourself

  • Re-checking documents to be taken along

  • Maintaining a positive body language

  • Knowledge of your district and state

  • Art of learning to give balanced answers

  • Preparing well on hobbies

  • Developing self-confidence

  • Knowing yourself


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