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  • Honey Singh and Badshah are famous Indian rappers
  • Badshah was recently involved in a social media racket linked to creating fake followers and likes
  • Honey Singh mentioned that allegations were made against him when he started his career

Hirdesh Singh commonly known by his professional name, Honey Singh, or Yo Yo Honey Singh is an Indian rapper, pop singer, music composer, and film actor. Singh started his career as a session and recording artist and became a bhangra music producer. He eventually got success with his music and started to make songs for Bollywood movies. Presently, Honey Singh is one of the highest-paid artists in the Indian music industry.

Yo-Yo Honey Singh is known for a fiercely loyal fan base. Recently, Honey Singh mentioned that when he started his career numerous people made allegations against him. He further opened up regarding the fake followers on social media scams.

Rapper Badshah who is a musical rival and competitor to Honey Singh was recently involved in a sensational social media racket that was linked to creating fake ‘likes and followers’ across social media platforms. The Mumbai Police investigated the matter and twenty prominent personalities including Badshah were found to be involved in the said racket. [i]

Subsequently, Badshah had admitted to spending Rs. 72 lakhs in order to obtain 7.2 crore views for his song ‘Paagal’. Badshah confessed that the amount was paid by him to procure views on his song in an attempt to create a world record.

Honey Singh did not name anyone but mentioned that he has heard numerous news and rumours of rappers paying money to buy fake views on their songs. He further mentioned that when he started his career and was getting popular, a lot of accusations were made on him as well.

Honey Singh mentioned that a conclusion should not be reached at, as mere allegations do not prove anything. He further mentioned that the allegations are a mark of progress and that the artist in question has such allegations on him. Without adding much, Honey Singh signed off saying that he wishes to congratulate the artist as he is progressing and that these are just allegations.

Talking about Honey Singh’s work, he recently came out with a new track ‘Billo tu agg’.

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