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  • P.T.Usha is a retired Indian track and field athlete.
  • She became the the first Indian women to enter the Olympics final.
  • She is often called as

P.T. Usha is a retired Indian track and field athlete. She proved that not only cricket can win tournaments but athletes can also bring glory to the nation. She has won around 13 gold medals in Asian games and 101 championships in her lifetime. She has also won the Padma Shree and Arjuna Award. Her hard work and determination are the two important ingredients that helped her to gain success. She is so often called " queen of Indian track and field."She also earned other names such as Golden girl, Payyoli Express in her career.

She was born in a poor family from a small village, Payyoli from Kerala. She had a bad financial situation but she was passionate about being an athlete. Her talent was noticed by Om Nambiar who later became her coach. He got impressed by her walking style. She was successful even after her marriage and giving birth to her child. Her major achievement is that she emerged as the winner by becoming the first Indian woman to enter the Olympics final at a tender age of 20. She became the youngest Indian sprinter to complete an Olympics event at age 16. She finished first in the semi-finals 400 meters hurdles held in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics but lost the bronze medal in the finals by 1/100th of a second. She faced all challenges positively. Her marital life did not become a hurdle to her. She found an understanding husband who supported her. She was criticized for her return to the field at the age of 28 but her husband and family members supported her. At age 34 she won bronze medals in the 200 m and 400 m at the Asian Track Federation meet held at Fukkwokka Japan. She won the hearts of millions of Indians not only because of her achievements but also she faced challenges with good spirits. She faced all kinds of difficulties such as financial problems, health problems, family problems, etc.

P.T.Usha retired in the year 2000 and started a school called 'Usha School of Athletes'.Currently, she is an employee of Southern railways, and also she runs a school for athletes where she trains girls between the age group of 10-12 years. Tintu Lukka is one of her students who qualified for the women's semi-final in the 800m at the 2012 London Olympics. Her life story inspired many people. Success is not a matter of luck it is achieved through hard work and determination. If you work consistently success always comes to you.


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