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  • Movies as an entertainment.
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  • Major movie theaters are able to secure enough capital but smaller companies cant manage.

Going to movies is a source of entertainment for all of us. But unfortunately watching a movie in theaters is no longer in our mind since lockdown. The widely spread pandemic has taken us so far that we are unable to enjoy our civilian life. The movie theater industry is also in trouble. The movie "Tenet " was supposed to be launched in the office. We all know that Americans are powerful looking forward to people. This relaunching was actually to prove that Americans are confident in taking coronavirus safety measures and they're eager to return to cinemas. The Warner Bros didn't show enough optimism to bring its next major blockbuster "Wonder Women 1984" in October. But recently the studio announced the Gal gadot led superhero movie "Wonder Women 1984" would launch by Christmas.

According to Handler, managing director of media and entertainment equity research says that 30 percent of theaters that were closed during a pandemic are charging more price for tickets which will positively impact the revenue. We all are huge fans of superhero movies and the release of Wonder Women pushed to Winter the next blockbuster "Black Widow" will release only in November. The moviegoers enjoy low budget movies with big-budget features. During these pandemic situations, blockbusters are important. Movie theaters like AMC, Regal, and Cinemark have changed their operations to increase sanitation facilities, improved filtration systems, and giving training to employees to improve their hospitalities. But these policies are not enough to attract couch-sitters to become moviegoers. The theaters didn't imagine these things to happen after they improve all these facilities. In September and October, the theaters will be filled with low-budget horror movies and dramas with a handful of romantic comedies. But these are all lackluster titles from which theaters are not going to earn enough revenues. Major movie theaters chains have enough capital to cope up in the movie market for the rest of the year and into 2021. But AMC is at the edge of bankruptcy until they secure a new deal. Smaller theaters are running in short revenue. But apparently 'Wonder Women 1984' is relaunched only on Christmas allowing smaller companies to catch people's attention. While restarting the industry there will be a lot of challenges. The industry is ready to cope up with bad and good moments.

All are eagerly waiting to watch some super cool movies and to get back to normal lives. This decade should be more entertaining and all are waiting for a coming back!!!


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