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  • WeSettle : India's first accommodation and community provider.
  • Manas Garg and Pragya Arora as co -founders of WeSettle
  • Hurdles they faced and the possibilities of the new venture.

When you are going abroad one of the common issues students face is finding proper accommodation. WeSettle is India's first accommodation and community provider. While we search for placements, better colleges, big corporates dreaming something big is important. Among many of us influenced by social media and everything around us we dream big but don't dare to bring out practically. But breaking these hurdles or difficulties, two young students established themselves as ethical entrepreneurs. The co-founders are Manas Garg and Pragya Arora. Manas has 1.5 years of experience in sales and marketing and Arora has 2 years' experience for the same. The two of them comes from different background. Manas comes from a business background such that he has the idea of setting a building and Pragya from a civil service background thus she reflects ethics and sincerity in her character.

WeSettle is a platform to make accommodation search smooth for students and helping them to make the transition from school to college. It aims at helping students to make the most of their time in Delhi. WeSettle provides comfortable, safe, and sanitized accommodation for students. WeSettle also solves various problems of students relating to finding comfortable paying guests, solves confusion of students about their future, college admission hindrances, etc. It provides homely experience at zero cost.

According to Manas WeSettle aims to leave people better than how they were when they find them. The founders try to give a smooth experience to students in an alien city. Many of us will be eager to know about their starting point and well it was just a spark. The two friends joked about starting a business and becoming brokers. Over time joke turned into a real plan of action. They faced a lot of issues than what they anticipated. WeSettle follows the policy of complete customer satisfaction. The opinion of the students are taken into consideration and the best options are offered. WeSettle plans to cover all the colleges that have a gap between the number of hostel seats and the number of migratory students. There would be many competitors for this student accommodation industry. The company strives to progress little by little for every passing day. it believes that the welfare of the family is the welfare of the company. The company uses an efficient marketing strategy that has minimum cost aiming to integrate social media with consumer behavior and psychology. They are also conducting various webinars and live sessions for boosting the morale of the family.

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