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  • The famous person success and stories
  • The famous person success and stories
  • The famous person success and stories

The Famous Person Sucess and Stories

Across the globe, youth hold various views of what success is and how to achieve it. For example, for Anne, a Class 8 student, success means academic achievement and finishing at the top of her class. For Yusuf, success means graduating from high school and getting a college education. Omondi believes success is a steady job and stable income so that he can provide for his family. Success can mean many things to different people. For some, it is marrying the “right” person, having beautiful kids, acquiring wealth, or being popular. For others, it means being recognized and appreciated for one’s talents, whether they be in music, arts, sports, or another field. Young women often pursue success in relationships and the search for a security, while young men often look for success through significance and recognition or approval from others. If we’re honest with ourselves, we may hold one of these common views about success. Regardless of how we define it, youth spend much of their time, attention, energy, and effort pursuing success. And we can become very discouraged along the way or even lose hope if we think we’ve failed.

Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth, or the old aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span, it is our inbuilt desire to be successful and proceed forward consistently towards more massive success. The mentality of competing with each other can frequently be noticed at any of the places including schools, colleges, coaching, work fields including organizations, offices, etc to name a few. As a comparison to our efforts towards the works to get success, we often expect much more and want success to knock on our doors very soon. If in case, it does not happen, we use to get frustrated and finally get deeper inside the darkness of inferiority. Such a situation has been noticed among most of the people where regular and dedicated efforts have been ignored and merely the failures have been entertained. There stand several such examples all over the world. Most of the iconic personalities have previously faced serious failures in their life’s struggles. Yet, they continued on their ways to success and finally achieved massive success in their fields of expertise. No caste, creed, religion, or colors stopped them ever in their ways towards success.

Bill Gates: It was very much important for Bill gates to heed the lessons of failure in comparison to celebrating the joy of success. This great entrepreneur who has established Microsoft as the biggest software company is a dropout student from Harvard. Furthermore, he has also been known for his self-owned business figure known as Traf-O-Data which was one of the biggest failures in history. The entire investment of Bill Gates got vanished and unfortunately, even the education could also not get completed. But, the keen desire and the passion for computer programming based stuff led him to establish such biggest software company with the brand name ‘Microsoft’.   

 Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein is a well-known scientist and extraordinary genius personality known by almost all of us all over the world due to his great inventions and contributions towards science. He quoted that success is a failure in progress and someone who has never failed cannot truly be a successful person. During childhood, he suffered from continuous failures. He was not even able to speak fluently till the age of nine years following which he has been expelled from the school. Furthermore, his admission to Zurich Polytechnic School was also not considered. But, leading to the ways of success consistently, he proved himself as a renowned gem in the ocean of science and technology and finally won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.



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