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  • 1) How will the vaccine reach India?
  • 2) Whether the vaccine will be available to all?
  • 3) Need for a proper vaccine distribution program.

The mega challenge of covid-19 vaccine delivery in India once it's out.

Never in life had we imagined that we would be a witness to a pandemic due to a sudden breakout of the Novel Coronavirus. Since its outbreak in November 2019 from Wuhan where it was spread, it traveled throughout the world in no time. Currently, in India, the number of cases has increased to 7.81 million with around 1,18,000 or more deaths. Everybody is desperately waiting for or the vaccine to be out. The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday said that the vaccine COVID-19 is expected in India by early 2021. But the major question is once the vaccine is out what will be the plan of action for its equitable distribution and challenges faced therein. Some of the challenges are:

1) How will the vaccine reach India?

 Presently various pharmaceutical companies are working on the development of the invention of the vaccine throughout the world these include Altimmune, BioNTech, Gilead Sciences, etc. In India Serum institute, Panacea Biotec, Indian Immunologicals, Mynvax, and Biological E are among the domestic pharma firms working on the coronavirus vaccines in India. Currently, it's a race as to who will invent the vaccine first and where will the vaccine be invented first. it the vaccine is invented in India it is well in good as we will have the sole ownership hence easy to deliver it to our citizens. In case the invention is done by countries outside India then India prepared by placing many contingent orders so that in case the vaccine is invented it could benefit.

2) Whether the vaccine will be available to all?

 It is very important to have a proper plan concerning vaccination distribution programs so that all the citizens respective of any discrimination on gender, economic background, etc. can avail the benefit of the vaccine. This can be done by surveying so that there is an equitable distribution with proper organization.

3) Need for a proper vaccine distribution program.

When the Coronavirus Vaccine will be available, India has decided it will be distributed under a special Covid-19 immunization program with the Centre where there will be procuring the doses directly and making it available for priority groups, as per official sources which include the critical patients and Covid warriors to name a few. It is planned that the Centre will procure the vaccine directly to make it available to the priority groups free-of-charge through the existing network of states and districts. Hence concerning the vaccine distribution program, we are having a plan but it will be truly appreciated if it is well executed.

This pandemic has not only drained people of their finances but also of their mental peace. It has led to the loss of many of their loved ones. This vaccine invention is of utmost priority as of now as that only is a final solution for averting the pandemic.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1) (A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.


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