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  • 1) Download the Arogya Setu app:
  • 2)The email id and the phone number of the passenger is essential to be given during booking:
  • 3) No in flight meals:

Guidelines of flight travel during the covid-19 pandemic


Since the covid-19 pandemic, life has been very tough not only on the poor but also on the rich. Major industries have faced a setback which includes the hotel industry, the tourism industry, the daily wage workers, etc. Hence traveling in such a situation has become very complicated with the number of modes of transport getting stalled and canceled from time to time. In this article, we will be dealing with how can one travel through a flight ticket and what are the conditions and guidelines one has to follow in such guidelines.


1) Download the Arogya Setu app:

Downloading the Arogya Setu app has been made compulsory for all passengers traveling on the flight so that he or she can know if there is any coronavirus patient symptomatic or asymptomatic in and around their vicinities.


2)The email id and the phone number of the passenger is essential to be given during booking:

This needs to be done so that there can be so that in case there is a need for information on flight cancellation or any other emergency this information can be used.


3) No in-flight meals:

In-flight means which used to be offered earlier and now totally scraped and won't form a part of the flight services.


4)Only 1 check-in & 1 cabin bag allowed:

An earlier person could keep more than one cabin bag and more or less 2 checks bags. But in present times only one check-in and one cabin bag is allowed to reduce the burden.


5) Reporting time 2 to 4 hours prior to departure

The reporting time has been compulsorily made to 2 to 4 hours prior to departure because there are many formalities that need to be fulfilled before a passenger board a flight. These include covid testing and other essentials, sanitization, etc. Earlier last moment flights could be boarded but now it is compulsory to reach at the airport to 4 hours before the flight takes off.


6) Certain categories of people are asked to avoid to travel

Senior citizens, people with serious ailments, pregnant women and children below 14 years of age a certain categories of people who are requested not to travel during the spender make until and unless it is a very serious issue as these people could be more prone to the virus.


These pandemic times are hard for all of us including the airline industries. But as it is said the show must go no, hence we need to continue our routines but with all the necessary precautions to protect us from the virus.



This Article Does Not Intend To Hurt The Sentiments Of Any Individual Community, Sect, Or Religion Etcetera. This Article Is Based Purely On The Authors Personal Views And Opinions In The Exercise Of The Fundamental Right Guaranteed Under Article 19(1)(A) And Other Related Laws Being Force In India, For The Time Being.

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