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  • This year's women's day theme
  • Equal world is an enabled world
  • Women are not acknowledged for their capabilities

Women's Day happened to be on the 8th of March and this year Women's Day 2020 campaign theme was #EachforEqual. The campaign implied that an equal world is an enabled world. The theme was set to provide equal opportunities for women. The world was equal,l so who are people to be biased against each other. In today's world, women aspire for equal recognition as a man but this seems a dream far away.
Women still are not acknowledged well for their capabilities. Men in this society and for that matter, even some women have laid down various barriers for determined women to achieve success. Success for ladies is not a child's play, the cost of the same is putting everything at stake. But this is not new. Oppressing women, taking a hit at them has been practiced for centuries.
Here is a deplorable tale one should know. This was a case in the 1800s in Tarakeswar Bengal, which gained immense publicity. The story revolves around a 16-year-old girl Elokeshi, whose father got her married to a government employee Nobin Chandra. As the profession demanded Tobin had to work in Calcutta thus he preferred not taking his uneducated villager wife to the city as he feared her safety over there. So the girl stayed with her father under his check. Nobin was stated to be a loving husband and it was he who longed for a boy with his wife. To fulfill the desire of her husband and herself Elokeshi visited a Mahant who is believed to cure infertility. Nevertheless, the Mahant had amoral intentions. The Mahant seduced and also raped the girl, following which an illicit relationship started between those two with the connivance of the girl's father. When Robin came back to the village he was mocked by the villagers for being cheated on. He was disheartened and confronted his wife. The girl admitted her guilt and pleaded to be pardoned. Pitying husband forgave his wife and urged her to run away with him to save themselves from any more ridiculed. But Mahant didn't approve of the same and send his goons to stop them from eloping. Witnessing all this Nobin slit his wife's throat killing her. He didn't want his wife to be with anyone else other than him. He surrendered himself and the case referred was referred to High Court. People considered it to be British interference between their local matters. The case was decided by convicting both Nobin and the Mahant. But Nobin was acquitted on public protesting for him as they thought the act to be justified.
But was justice served to the girl who lost her life. Even if we agree to the unchastity of the wife does that gives the husband a right to take the life of his wife. The girl became a shame after her death. There were paintings made depicting the moral of the girl, but why not every man involved in her life was blamed for the consequences. The father marrying his girl at such a tender age and also allowing her to have an affair with an elderly should have been condemned. The husband should also have been made to undergo his punishment which was prescribed. The battle later remains between the men and their dignity, but the subject matter which was someone being murdered was lost in between. There were plays held where the honor of the girl was wounded. The play portrayed Elokeshi had to be killed to restore the honor of Nobin But does your life depends upon your faithfulness. One surely has a right not to be cheated on but holds no right to kill someone. Being loyal is a choice but not adapting to it is not the cost one should pay for his life.

If it had been the husband having an affair with anyone else the society would have held the opinion that as the husband lives far away he ought to have an affair. This is the unjust behavior which society needs to drop.


This Article Does Not Intend To Hurt The Sentiments Of Any Individual Community, Sect, Or Religion Etcetera. This Article Is Based Purely On The Authors Personal Views And Opinions In The Exercise Of The Fundamental Right Guaranteed Under Article 19(1)(A) And Other Related Laws Being Force In India, For The Time Being.

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