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  • Situation in Maharashtra before the crisis
  • Proving majority
  • Forming of alliance

The Political Crisis in Maharashtra in 2019


During the 2019 legislative assembly elections, the state of Maharashtra was facing a political crisis with no government for almost a month where no party was able to prove the majority. Finally the president's rule was imposed. Later the chief minister at that time Devendra Fadnavis formed a collision with the Nationalist Congress party which was led by Ajit Pawar. However it did not last long and soon both of them resigned and finally a new government the Maha Vikas Aghadi, a new alliance of Shiv Sena, the Indian National Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party took over. This was led by Uddhav Thackeray and is currently forming government in Maharashtra. The major reason for this political crisis was the split between the Bhartiya Janata party and the Shiv Sena. The crisis lasted from 24 October 2019 to 27 November 2019. But what could have been the major possible reason for this crisis to find this out we need to look at the background that is the government before the crisis.


Before the crisis the government in power in the state was the Bharatiya Janata party led by chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. When elections took place in 2019 legislative assembly has 288 seats hence for majority a total of 145 seats which is more than half number of seats that is required. But the results of the election was such that 105 seats were won by the Bharatiya Janata party, 56 by Shiv Sena, 54 by Nationalist Congress party and the rest by other parties.


It was expected in this situation that Shiv Sena would form a collision government with the Bharatiya Janata party but they declined it on demand of equal power in governance and the Chief minister post to Thackeray for half the term. Hence Fadnavis resigned. Then the governor went to the party with the second largest majority of seats that is Shiv Sena. Since Shiv Sena was unable to attain majority they decided to form a coalition government with the Indian National Congress, Nationalist Congress party and other minor parties like the Samajwadi party and the Peasants and Workers party in India. All these parties had a consensus of functioning under the leadership and ministership of Uddhav Thackeray. Hence alliance was formed named Maha Vikas Aghadi under the ministership of Uddhav Thackeray. Later a floor test was conducted where Shiv Sena was successful in proving majority. Hence the alliance formed the government which is currently in force in Maharashtra.


This was one of the top political crisis that is the negative changes in politics that took place after the Maharashtra elections in 2019 which made the political future of Maharashtra questionable for very long time.


This Article Does Not Intend To Hurt The Sentiments Of Any Individual Community, Sect, Or Religion Etcetera. This Article Is Based Purely On The Authors Personal Views And Opinions In The Exercise Of The Fundamental Right Guaranteed Under Article 19(1)(A) And Other Related Laws Being Force In India, For The Time Being.

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