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  • Tattoos on body a great fashion
  • The earliest tattoo
  • no more expensive surgeries

You hold canvas and through the paint. The result if not perfect, yet can be beautiful. The same is done with your body. It is treated like a canvas and needles or brushes do their job. The result is a bodily tattoo.

Tattooing our body has been a great fashion trend not from now but for the past 1000 Years. It is not what has been included in fashion Lifestyle nowadays.
The concept of tattoo has its origin in the '20s where it got popular among sailors, military men, and prisoners. It became a sort of symbol of their identity. The concept of the tattoo is way older than we think of. The earliest tattoo to be discovered on the human body was on the skin of mummies which has been preserved. There along with them, the tools were found including needles, which suggested the use of tattoos over the body.

Many think having a tattoo is a western approach. But it is not a voracious statement. Rather in our culture too, we have seen older people having tattoos all over the body. Earlier people used to have religious tattoos in the name of their God they Worshipped. They could have pictures of God, or some Mantra they swear by.
Females used to puncture their skin, having carved out the name of their husband or sometimes their family name too. This could be treated as some identity symbol. Just now what has changed is the evolving nature of tattoos.

Now people carve what they feel or what they believe in. Tattoos hold meaning in itself. One could be sentimental and have deep emotion inside, so they will have a tattoo which defines them. On the other hand, one may have a tattoo just to fit in. There could be no such thing as of relativity, but just it seems to them as trendy and beautiful. Not only this one more thing which tattoo puncturing is doing these days is to treat the scars of the people. We have seen people with massive scars on their faces and body going for tattooing. This way the scars are concealed.

There is a burn survivor Brasma Hameed, who got half of her face burned due to an oil accident when she was young. She was one of the people who went for tattooing on her face with minerals and not ink making her a certified micro-pigment, implantation specialist who helps many people in need. This way is more suitable for them than those long and expensive surgeries.


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