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  • People believe on the day of Halloween the dead returns to earth.
  • People dress up in costumes and goes to parties on Halloween day.
  • Black cats are associated with Halloween.

Halloween is a time where we dress up in different costumes. putting up decorations and watching scary movies. The modern Halloween origin back to Samahain a Pagan festival that marks the end of summer and the beginning of long winter according to history.  Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic holiday.  We all know that we carve lanterns on Halloween and it originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago. In an old folktale a man called Stinky Jack played a trick on the devil, he convinced him to transform into a coin that he could pay for his drink. But then Jack decided to keep the coin in his pocket next to the silver cross so that the devil could not change back into his original form. Jack played many tricks on the devil and after Jack died and both god and devel were upset as he was not allowed in both heaven or hell. Thus Jack placed burning coal inside a carved turnip and roamed around the world. Then he eventually came to be known as "jack -o- lantern.

People believe Halloween as a night when the dead literally returned to the land of the living. Halloween is celebrated by people of all ages. Many adults enjoy the Halloween spirit by dressing up, attending Halloween parties and festivals. Some of the Halloween facts are:

  1. Americans spent most on Halloween items like costumes, decorations, then candy.

  2. Last year around 29 million people planned to dress their pets in Halloween costume.

  3. The most popular costumes for pets were pumpkin, hotdog, superhero.

  4. The most popular kids' costumes were princesses, superheroes, and spiderman.

  5. The most popular costumes for adults were witch, vampire, and superhero.

Black cats are associated with Halloween, they have been a source of superstition for centuries in Europe. Some people believe that witches could take the form of black cats. Some others believe that Devel gave a black cat as a companion for witches. Black cats have gained a reputation for being unlucky in parts of Europe and New England. Superstitions about black cats still persist today. Black cats are less likely to get adopted. Like Halloween Trick-o Treating also started back in Samhain. They believed that on that day dead comes back to the earth. This practice is also inspired by an older tradition called"souling". Countries all over the world celebrate Halloween while the U.S. started the traditions of pumpkin carving and trick-o treating. These practices are thus spreading to all other counties especially Europe.


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