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  • Teachers teach us the actual meaning of life
  • Students don't seem to respect their teachers these days
  • Teachers struggling with virtual classrooms

Parents are our first teacher yet the real ones hold another place in life. After our parents, it is a teacher who we are first encountered with. The one who teaches us the meaning of life, the one who guides us on our way to life. It is said that it is a teacher only who shapes our youth. A child after the parents is given in the hands of the instructor. The teacher has a hold of this generation. One starts to form its perspective at their tender age and when a child sees someone who has an influence on them they tend to follow the same path As they build their opinion in the same way the teacher has, a child believes in what his coach tells them. They rely on their teacher for all the wrong and right teachings. Hence being a teacher is a job with the utmost value Earlier the teacher or the Guru were regarded as no less than God because they were responsible for how the child will turn in.

But with narrowing down our values and our thinking we have lowered down the prestigious status of teachers in society. The status has reduced to a mere 9 to 5 job. Leave alone cherishing the teacher one has got, they don't even consider it vital to provide them with basic respect. We see student trolling their teachers the moment she leaves the class, children create have havoc for their teachers. Because the teachers are given limited rights, children now wait for the opportunity to gain from such a situation. And now the condition has stooped down to the lowest level.

The lockdown happened with various worsening scenarios. We saw what students think of their teachers. The first struggle any teacher had to go through was the switching on to the virtual classrooms. Teachers are skilled in teaching their subjects, but turning to a virtual classroom with having 40-50 student wasn't an effortless job. Teachers don't get any Golden salary so even teachers belong to middle-class families.

Managing to get a laptop or a smartphone, got a heavy burden on their pocket too.
Then next to teach in front of a camera with no one around, seems like talking to themself. Still, the teachers were determined to do the labor They made all the possible efforts. Even after being conscious in front of their own student, they were ready to do it. But little did they know that the real challenge was not to teach but the ones who had to be taught. These little monsters made the lives of the teacher bizarre. Neither the student were attending the classes nor did they let their teacher teach them without any trouble.

On joining the class the students were not on time. Then there were children who would join the class virtually but were found having their lunch or breakfast. Some slept during their classes and some were found talking on the phone.

The virtual environment didn't allow the teacher to know the real culprit. There were instances where a student would expel the teacher out of the class every few minutes and also sometimes they would block the Teachers making it impossible for her to join the class back. This all still be considered as naughtiness of the student.
Heart alarming thing came when students started abusing their teachers. They use to pass comments on their body, would indulge their family in it. This more than making teachers angry made them cry. They felt helpless and disrespected.

There was an incident in Bihar when students were using foul language for the teacher in the class. And when the teacher got frustrated and enquired about the children, on enquiring parents got to know what their child was doing in the class. There the parents stepped in and gave a stick to the teacher to beat up all of them. This way they would know what wrong was committed.

But all such happening in our country makes us feel pity for the present condition.
Once there was Ekalavya who was ready to cut his thumb for his teacher and there are now the students who are ready to do anything to ill-treat the teacher.


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