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  • What this movie is about
  • Government is power is questioned
  • Prosenjit Chatterjee playing Dr. Ahmed

With all the present situations persistent and all the happenings, one surely needs perspective. And this analytical movie provides us with the same. This movie is about the plight of people of the lowest strata. They question the government in power, their policies, and their actions wherein turn government holds no responsibility for its action and decide to suppress the class of people standing out.

The kindred situation has been prevailing in our country presently. Just as we got a glimpse of what is happening in Bihar it wreck are heart. The government there is clamping down on people belonging to the lower caste. The family of the girl has already suffered a loss yet they are not even able to get justice for their daughter. The government there is fighting tooth and nail to protect the criminals. And a similar story is in the movie. Here in the town, the government plans to change the infrastructure making it a smart City just like Shanghai. Having high buildings, smart infrastructure, improve the desirability of the place.

But the advancement comes at the stake of life of people there the development will be brought with shifting people from the place-making space
for the switch. But Prosenjit Chatterjee is playing Dr. Ahmed who doesn't approve of the same. He is a social activist trying to influence people to break off from such a deal.

He knows how to manipulate and the government fears the same. He just has given his speech and is knocked down with a truck in front of everybody. This creates a mess in the town as some suggest it to be a priority planned murder But the government denies all such allegations, notifying it to be a drunk and drive case. The story takes place from then onwards, where Kalki and Emraan Hashmi are determined to reveal the truth behind the murder of Dr. Ahmed when they told about tape evidence of the same which they possess. There are goons from the government who commit several murders to steal and ruin all possible evidence against them.

There is when Abhay Deol steps in as an Aspiring IAS officer who gives on the order for inquiry to be held. The more he digs in, the more he comes closer to the truth. It is Kalki, Emraan, and Abhay Deol who fights tooth and nail to serve justice to Dr. Ahmed. The conclusion is what gets all our attention. The ending is not what typical Bollywood will provide us. It is unexpected what we see and practical. It tells the prevailing situation of our Country.

Performances by every artist in the movie takes our heart. You will cherish every scene, every dialogue, and even don't the songs lag any behind. This movie is a thrill ride for all of us. and the background music supports every bit of it.


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