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  • Australia- A biodiversity hotspot
  • Loss of millions of plants and animals
  • Rising temperatures

Leonardo da Vinci said 'Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. Associating with the quote, we saw, this year painting itself in red. In January we saw the most dreadful blazes in Australia. Australia suffered from severe bushfires which had an upshot of destroying several hectares of land, pulling down the habitat of various animals and plants, poisoning the environment, and taking some lives with it.

This unfortunate year is being blamed for such occurrence, as this year brought such disaster with it initially. But are we really to blame the year and not the tendency of the human race which has been tearing down the habitat for such long.

A continent like Australia is a hotspot for our biodiversity. It is home to various species of plants and animals and having bushfires are orderly matter there. But this year bushfires which took place were not regular ones, in spite, prolong and persistent fires were experienced which was erratic.
The blaze was ignited due to assorted reasons. Some fires were due to the lightning and some resulted due to human actions. If it is to be believed then the forest land in Australia was being cleared to be used as agricultural land. Whatever be the cause, as stated earlier everything is connected. The bushfires and their persistence were the results of human action.

Australia has been experiencing a rise in its temperature. Last year the month of July was recorded as the warmest month in decades. There is a chain we are following. Human activities lead to climate change, the climate change affects the process of precipitation, and with low rainfall, we were seeing an expansion in the fires.
Not only the environment, but the homes of various species of animals were also destroyed. The worst-hit were the invertebrates and the Koalas. We all saw disturbing visuals where we had our pity on the animals. Billions of them lost their lives, many of them were left homeless and many suffered severe burns from the fire.
The air quality was hit the hardest in this. It was recorded 11 times hazardous than the measuring level. The visual from there portrayed the same. There was 0 visibility in the air for quite a few days.

The next consequence of the disaster was its economy which was damaged severely. People were evacuated from the vicinity and flights were canceled, businesses were shut down all resulting in pulling down the economy
Not only Australia but India too encountered forest fires this year in Uttarakhand. Though their fires were only for four days yet a section of the green cover was gutted in it.
But what measures are being taken up to preserve the environment and to stop the fire from stretching? It was Mother Earth that came to the rescue and it rained putting such devastating blazes to cease.
The causes maybe are many, and so the occurrences but the consequences are to be faced by all of us. And we all did, by putting our earth at stake.


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Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 12 Oct 2020 6:28am IST

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