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  • Gambling is being practised from the times of Ramayan
  • Evolution of Gambling
  • Status in India

We relate gambling back from Mahabharata but indeed it is said that gambling was practiced from the time of Ramayana. During early times gambling had a positive influence on people. People use to take it as a sport but it was in Mahabharata when we saw it had no beneficial effect from gambling. On the contrary, it was this game that resulted in such a massive war. In history, many Gambling games have their origin in Europe but apparently, there were used Indian symbols for the games played then.

Gambling also has its own evolution. There are various forms in which gambling can be played. One could be betting all its money on a sport online like cricket, or one could go to this lavish place offshore or in a five-star hotel which we call a Casino.

The casino has its own Aura. They are a great place to go, play games, have a treat of the show, eat your meal, and enjoy your day. It is a perspective that people hold that once you enter a casino the authorities won't allow you to leave unless you have loosen much of your wealth. But there is a bubble to burst. This is all false to believe in. 

There is no such thing that casino people do, that won't make you leave. They do nothing but underhand everything. It is you at first instance, who are so lured with playing and winning there that one holds no desire to leave the place such early.

Then to add up casinos don't have a clock inside. This is done because so you don't rush your fun. Time has our realization, so you don't get disturbed there are no clocks within a Casino. Along with clocks, there are no windows too. The casino people don't want you to look at the outside world. when you are making the most of the time inside. Also, casinos serve you water in the minimum amount. They don't want you to get interrupted with little bathroom breaks. Thus casinos provide limited water to cure the thirst.

Casino gambling has its own status in India. In our country, the legislation on the casino is regulated by the states because gambling comes under the state list. State government holds the power to allow the opening of Casino in their territory.

There are not many states which have allowed casinos to open. Goa was the first state to allow casino gambling within its territory. At first, they allowed slot machines in 5-star hotels later there were full-fledged casinos opened up. Goa has the most number of casinos now. And after Goa, it was Sikkim who allowed the casino gambling. Currently, Daman and Diu have the largest casino in our country.

Many states have opened their gates towards the casino. They have an opinion that casinos will give a boost to tourism. Karnataka is one such state. Legalizing casinos will have a beneficial influence on the state's economy 

Opening up a casino is not a facile job. It demands effort and has various complexities. Only 5-star hotels or Offshore vessels can have casinos within it and majorly the casino's operator has to shell out 5 crores to run a Casino.

People are fond of playing at Casinos and this is not a hidden fact. Thus legalizing casino gambling may have its own way for the state economy to rise up. Or if not, this gambling should be shifted from the state list to the union list or at the least to the concurrent list.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.

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