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  • Guruvani is a forum which allows principal and teachers to share their insights with students on a wide range of subjects.
  • Toughest challenge of a teacher is to make children overcome their addiction over smartphones.
  • Her three inspiring words for her students: Believe, learn and accept

Guruvani is a forum that allows principals and teachers, to share their thoughts on a wide range of subjects with their students. Sunaina Sambayal, Principal of KLM International school shared her views that nowadays, students are spending most of their time on social media and mobile phones. It will be a tough challenge for teachers to make students overcome these addictions. According to her, teachers should keep their students connected with society because they are the ones to deal with the future. But we should find suitable solutions so that they should not involve in protests or riots. Keeping children updated with political changes improves their rational thinking. Teachers should inspire students to be green citizens. They should be asked to use organic products in day to day life. Green campaigns should be organized. The habit of walking or cycling should be promoted. If a new curriculum or a new way is introduced then the same should be applied to those who teach them. This could be seen now when the teachers are adapted to modern teaching amid the covid-19 crisis.

Sports also play an important role in a child's life and teachers should motivate this. A balance between physical fitness and academics must be maintained. They should be taught about the value of teamwork. Children should also be taught about the opportunity of choosing a career as a profession. One improves their positive behavior through sports. Teachers should encourage students to practice exercises to improve their creativity. She then shared her experience with her students that she believes that her students will make responsible citizens who are going to be real campaigners of the school directly or indirectly. According to her, teaching is a tough job and it is not suited for everyone. Before choosing teaching as a profession, one should involve in a great deal of intellectual, emotional, and physical labor and responsibility for shaping future students. It is important to become torchbearers of society. 

She also reconnects with her old teachers that makes her happy. She is still in touch with her two favorite teachers which is a great source of inspiration for her. Her inspiring words to students are to Believe in yourself, learn from one's mistakes, and accept challenges in life. She is so confident and believes that her school will be the topmost educational hub in the region. They will also use the latest technologies and be competitive.



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