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Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced diet. You should eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals. They include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and some sources of animal protein. Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, talk to your doctor about your health. You may need to improve your eating habits in nutrition. A) If you have any health problems or risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. B) Did your doctor tell you that you can improve your condition with better nutrition. It can be hard to change your eating habits. It helps to focus on small changes. Making changes to your diet may also be beneficial if you have diseases that can be worsened by the things you eat or drink. Symptoms from conditions such as kidney disease, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease can all benefit from changes in the diet below are suggestions to improve your health. Be sure to stay in touch with your doctor so he or she knows how you are doing.

Find the strengths and weaknesses of your current diet. If do you eat regularly fruits, vegetables, enough calcium, and whole-grain high-fiber foods then you are on the right track! If not, add more of these foods to your daily diet. You’ll see if you need to eat more or less from certain food groups. Think about asking for help from a dietitian. He or she can help you follow a special diet, especially you have a health issue. Almost everyone can benefit from cutting back on unhealthy fat. If you currently eat a lot of fat, commit to cutting back and changing your habits. Unhealthy fats include things such as fatty cuts pork, beef and lamb, and high-fat dairy food whole milk, butter, cheeses. The bake, grill, or broil meat instead of frying it. Remove the skin before cooking chicken or turkey. Eat fish at least once a week. Reduce extra fat this includes butter on bread, sour cream on baked potatoes, and salad dressings. Use low-fat or non-fat versions of these foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with your meals and as snacks. Read the nutrition level before you buy them. If you need help with the labels, ask your doctor dietitian. When you eat out, be aware of hidden fats and larger portion sizes. Staying hydrated is important for good health. Drink zero or low calories beverages, such as water or tea. Sweetened drinks lots of sugar and calories to your diet. This includes fruit juice, soda, sports and enjoy a drink and flavored milk and sweetened ice tea.     



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