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  • Sustainable Development
  • India's efforts to protect Mother Earth
  • Blue flag certification

The world aspires to be sustainably developed. We all have heard by now what sustainable development means. It means blooming our earth with the new invention but without hurting the environment so that the next generation does not face scarcity of non-renewable resources.
Thus India lags no behind in achieving the same. India is doing an ample amount of effort to protect our mother earth. First and foremost, India ratified the Paris agreement. Here measures will be taken up, to hold the increase of rising temperature, above the pre-industrial level. And India has been working on the same. Our nation has introduced a clean development mechanism project. This project includes energy efficiency, fuel switching, industrial process, etc. Coal cess is being increased to keep a check. An adaptation fund for climate change is being established so that the cost of adaptive measures is met.
Just to add another feather to its glory, India recently was awarded blue flags to 8 of its beaches. Currently, 8 beaches in India were awarded blue flag certification these beaches are Ghoghla in (Diu), Shivrajpur in (Dwarka-Gujarat), Kasarkod and Padubidri in (Karnataka), Kappad in (Kerala), Rushikonda you in (Andhra Pradesh), Radhanagar in (Andaman &Nicobar Islands), and Golden Beach in (Puri-Odisha).

Blue flag certification is one of the world's most applauded voluntary awards which is given to beaches, marine and sustainable boating tourism operators, who eventually qualify for environmental, educational safety measures. It is a certificate provided for cleanliness.
If a beach has been awarded a blue flag that means the beach provides for unpolluted water, and also infrastructure and sustainable development around the area.
Foundation for Environmental education provides for a blue flag certificate. This concept hails from France. Also, South Africa was regarded as the first non-European country to join such a Noble program. Most number of the blue flag has been given to Spain.

There is a certain set of standard or requirement which have to be made to be awarded blue flag certificate. According to FEE for a beach to get a blue flag, all information about coastal zones, ecosystems, water quality, code of conduct should be displayed at the beach. In terms of water no Industrial waste should be disposed of there, vegetation should be left to decay. There should be a committee formed which looks out the daily and annual activities taking place there.

If we are to talk about Marina to be certified with blue flags, there should be an environmental policy plan, there should be a container for hazardous substances, for garbage, extra sanitary facilities, sewage disposal should be checked.
The boating tourism holds a similar kind of standard as stated above, which might just vary a little bit. In total there are 33 inflexible criteria related to environmental water quality, safety services that have to be fulfilled.
It was a great victory for our nation like none other has got straight away 8 blue flag certification for its beaches. India plans to expand its effort and is aiming to get awarded blue flags for 100 of its beaches in 5 years. Besides all this India was also awarded the third prize under 'International best practices for pollution control' in the coastal region.


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