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  • Being socially active
  • Talking to strangers
  • Being on social media does not boost confidence in real life

It is an old saying that when you apply henna on your hand, don't keep it for too long. The mehndi will have its color accordingly, but keeping it for too long will reverse the effect. The same goes for many prevailing cultures now. The recent one is social media. Being socially active is to be-all and end-all of life. One can hardly survive without being active on various platforms. But this pop culture can affect various other elements of life, and one such coming to mind could be interpersonal relationships
Now people do know how to talk to a stranger who is thousands of miles away but has lost the path of communicating with people who are nearby. Face-to-face conversations seem to be a tough assignment for them. A real relationship requires intimacy, involvement, and with one sitting so far away, it is hard for anyone to provide such efforts on social media. Later or so physical involvement matters in the end.
Moreover being on social media doesn't make you boost your confidence in real life. Real-life is different from that of a virtual one. One needs to have a strong connection with people and needs to learn how to interact meaningfully.
Forming a connection is not the only problem that is being faced. People have forgotten how to initiate a good conversation. One lags in knowing the surroundings. And upon that, the grammatical error creates another hurdle. Social media is a large platform where even if one is incorrect, there will be strangers correcting them. But the opinion of the stranger doesn't matter. So people have stopped to improve themselves.
You will see people talking in misleading language, and they will not even bother to rectify the same. This will in turn harm their interpersonal relationships.
And various other factors are responsible for adding to the ruin. Too much of anything is a case of worry. One knows it, yet is not willing to make an effort to manage things. Being on a platform provides you with knowledge of various kinds. You possess information that could be unnecessary, and if one doesn't know how to filter stuff then again it is a setback. Knowing a particular subject makes you boast about it and also hinders you to listen to the opinion of others. This is a psychological fact which one cannot deny. Behaving in such a particular way may be bearable on social media, but when you are interacting with someone, in person, you cannot be the only one to talk. You ought to listen to what others have to offer.
All such happening causes stress in one another as such factors duly affect relationships. To avoid being the victim of social media harming your interpersonal relationship, one needs to be organized, not just physically but also in the thought process.
There are various techniques that one can adapt to keep a check on its behavior. The first step to be taken is to refrain oneself from using social media far too often. Make a schedule and stop taking period breaks just to be online. And another helpful task is to leave your phone behind. Going for a walk, having your meals, an hour before going to sleep, you don't need your phone always along. Take a break there. We know it will be hard but not all efforts are easy. Instead of texting your friend initiates voice note conversations. Instead of emailing go to your coworker start to talk. There can be various detox methods, just use your way wisely.



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