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  • Bad eating habits
  • Disgraceful routines
  • A compulsive disorder

This generation is mad as a hatter. Now people indulge themselves in stuff that one cannot even understand. They all want everything without even realizing what the cost could be. Along with behavioral patterns, eating habits are also dippy.
You see people dreaming of the body like Jennifer Aniston and the very next moment you will see them with a nice cheesecake in their hands. One wants to maintain the societal beauty standards but is not willing to put any effort into it. Instead, they look for crosscuts.
One such disgraceful alternate route to maintain a figure one dreams of and also without cutting yourself on food is Bulimia.
Bulimia is an eating disorder. It is considered to be a psychological illness. In bulimia, one tends to eat a large amount of food in a small proportion of the time. In the usual language, we can call it binge eating.
And after one is done with the eating, the food is deliberately let out either by vomiting or by using laxatives. Usually called purging.
This is a compulsive disorder that is a lot common in youth and adolescents. Bulimia is caused by two factors mainly. The first being the genes. Genes are responsible for various behavior which we possess. Hormonal imbalance, mental health all the factors lead to an individual being a bulimic. Another factor making a person bulimic is societal pressure. We live under the same and the fact cannot be denied. Society pressurizes us to be in shape, various professions demand it, and not everyone holds the caliber which is required to achieve the same appropriately. Thus this reprehensible path is chosen to meet such standards.
A bulimic person acts as any normal one would do. But they are hiding a lot inside them Such people keep on eating unless they are disturbed or unless their stomach hurts. Then purging follows up. The. bulimic person will physically attempt to take out the food.
This disorder causes various problems one cannot imagine. Physically bulimia hurts your well-being. It causes gastric reflux, dehydration, cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rhythms, dental erosion of tooth enamel, infertility. These are a handful of symptoms that are caused by bulimia, if we are to count all then they are numerous.
Another state in which bulimia affects is the mental state. A bulimic person is very much likely to suffer from depression. A bulimic patient ought to have anxiety disorders. An individual dealing with a lot of stress, harming his mental and physical health ought to suffer from depression.
There hasn't been as such a cure for bulimic patients. Mainly what is done to treat a bulimic person is to provide for psychological treatment. A bulimic patient requires psychological balance to control the thoughts which forces him to binge eat and then regret. Thus psychological sessions are arranged so he can have control of his mind. Also, antidepressants are given to those who are unable to cope.


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