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  • Potential threats to our society
  • Plastic waste
  • Mother Earth in trouble

And as time is rolling another Catastrophe waited for us, which is another potential threat to our surroundings. The world is already in a state of emergency, and Russia came up with an additional one. There was an emergency declared in Russia when around 20,000 tons of fuel from a power plant was leaked into the Ambarnaya river which further flows down to the Arctic Ocean.

Aren't plastic waste enough for the Arctic Ocean to handle. The Arctic Ocean is held up to be the dead-end for plastic waste. This biodegradable substance has been ravaging our Ocean for years. The debris which is formed with the plastic mismanaged disposal is already on its verge to ruin the oceanic cover. But supposedly, all this was insufficient to impair our world oceans, that such a human Catastrophe took place. Are we being negligent or is it that such occurrences are being normalized. In both the scenario asks yourself, why is such a thing being prevalent.

Mostly oceanic water is salty. And when such misfortune takes place, oil is spread across the ocean forming a thick layer above the ocean water and which later becomes denser and denser. Only a part of the oil is dissolved underwater, leaving remains above the surface. How would you react if you are being compelled to breathe not under the clear sky but a layer formed due to other's negligence?

Is our mother earth under the sway of only humans, that we tend to keep it under our Dominion? Don't other species hold any right on it? Leave aside another any right, let us give them the right to live peacefully at the least.
When there is oil spread all over the water surface then harmful contaminants are introduced into the ocean. It causes a blockage on the same surface forming an algae-like substance, which further provides inadequate oxygen, which is required by the marine life to breathe. They could be living under a direct or indirect threat to their life. The sea animals if do not expose directly to the harmful substance may inhale the same in any other way. Sea lives survive on each other. One animal eating the other could poison itself.
But there won't the chain stop but continue further. Cleaning up of oil from such from any such water body takes several years. Till then the sea life will suffer. Several people survive on fishing, fisheries, and such professions, and many of our indigenous people depend upon the same either for food or for living. Fishing and fisheries count up as a major part of our export. But won't our economy, then be affected by such tainted animals. They are not healthy to eat or to be exported and with a single strike, we could ruin their life along with ours.

Not only the marine life, what constitutes Marine, is also destroyed in furtherance. The Arctic Ocean is one Ocean that further connects with hundred different and longest rivers. We do not need to stretch on how rivers being contaminated affect our surroundings. We indeed are covered with 70% of water but if this doesn't stop we will not even have 7% of what we hold now.
Our ocean water provides us with countless benefits and in return, it cannot count on us. Oceanic water is not only home for Marine creatures but it also produces a large amount of oxygen for all of us, along with regulating the climate conditions. The Arctic Ocean is responsible for keeping the balance between the equator and the north pole.
Our survival is based on water and if we do not hold ourselves, accountable for such damage, then the coming outcome must be nasty for all of us.


This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 18 Oct 2020 9:27am IST

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