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  • Non essential retails were closed while restaurants and pubs can only provide away service.
  • People are not allowed to travel more than 5 kilometres from their home.
  • Only thing we need is vaccine next year.

Ireland imposes some of the toughest Covid-19 curbs such as the closing of non-essential retails while restaurants and pubs can only provide take away service. Also, people are restricted to not travel more than 5 kilometers from their homes. They imposed one of Europ's longest lockdowns during the first stage of coronavirus cases and eased restrictions at a cautious pace. Schools remained opened and essential services like construction are also allowed to continue announced by Prime Minister Michael Martin, as he brought the country towards the highest level of restrictions that is Level 5, for six weeks from midnight Wednesday. Hotels can be opened only if their essential workers need rooms. The grave situation is arising in the country for the past few weeks. Martin addressed in television that, two weeks after rejecting what was then seen as a surprise call by health chiefs to move to Level 5, making the first time when ministers went against their advice.

According to the prime minister, the government aims to return to Level 3 by December 1. This will allow retailers to reopen as well as restaurants to serve 15 customers outdoors. Even then there are other chances of lockdown in 2021. Many countries are struggling with high rates of infection like Belgium, Netherlands, and France that have shut down bars, restaurants and also imposed curfews at night. They don't have strict level restrictions in the country. Northern Ireland had shut down schools for two weeks and restaurant for four weeks. But retailers were allowed to open. Wales government had asked the people to stay at home for two weeks 'firebreak" lockdown which was announced on Monday. On this Sunday Ireland had the 12th highest rate of covid 19 cases among 31 countries and broke the single-day record for the fifth time in nine days. This was monitored by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The government will increase the amount for a contribution towards coronavirus cases - related jobless payment and subsidies. The biggest package in the history of the state introduced a very large grant of up to 5000 euros. Emergency payments in terms of jobless rate stood at 14.7% last month. According to the finance ministry forecast, the economy can contract again next year if the restriction period continues. The prime minister said that we can do this year, we can do it next year as a matter of supporting the financial sector of the economy. The only thing we need urgently is a vaccine next year.



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