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  • Thanksgiving is coming but we are into 8 months of interrupted life due to pandemic.
  • One should be careful during social gatherings.
  • Wear masks always.

Thanksgiving is coming closer and by the time we are more than eight months into interrupted daily life due to the pandemic. We are all tired of the virus and its impacts, but it is not time to let down our inhibitions. Family gathering around thanksgiving is a sacred part of American tradition. Here are five safety tips from Fauci's recent reviews which help to keep our loved ones safe as possible as we are all looking ahead of Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

  1. Go small scale or go virtual.

One should be very careful about social gatherings and get together, particularly when family members are at a risk because of their age or underlying condition. You have to sacrifice the social gatherings if you are not pretty sure that people you deal with are not affected. You also have to be sure that they don't have interaction other than you and your family. Fauci only socializes with his wife and no one else. 

2. Don't assume that just because you feel OK you are OK. 

Fauci referred to the nationwide observation reports and said that family members are spreading the virus to each other more often during the beginning of the pandemic. Researchers also found that about 1 in 5 people who become infected with the virus are asymptomatic. Household transmissions are also high. Spreading a virus to someone who has severe symptoms or complications can be a big challenge.

3. Travel Early.

If you want to gather in person it is better to follow CDC'S holiday travel tips. Just drive and don't stop along with any ways and after arriving in a place, quarantine at a separate dwelling where there is no contact for at least five days. Then get tested before the gathering with your family or relatives.

4. Keep things small

We can see people doing things in a crowd without masks particularly indoors, it is just that you are asking for more trouble. This is because events like this are very risky and there are high chances of spreading. Thus we have to avoid that. 

5. Spreading of masks, wear one with anyone outside of your household-even relatives.

Fauci wasn't a huge proponent of masks during the beginning of the pandemic, fearing that this might cause a shortage of health care workers. But later he learned that cloth face masks can help to prevent infection. Thus it is better to wear a mask even though if you are with your family.


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